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Hawk Lineoluem Print – Get it NOW

Hawk with Squirrel Linoleum Print (shot with phone camera)

Two days ago I posted to my FB status “Name an object and I will draw, carve and print your top 10 image suggestions!” The first suggestion was from my friend  Audra Farrell  of a hawk with a squirrel in it’s clutches. I drew it, carved it, and printed it onto this beautiful hand made sepia toned mulberry paper. The edition is open, all are signed and dated. It is completely hand printed.  I am putting one in the mail as a gift to Audra and making a special deal to friends. If you want a hawk print, send me $40 via paypal and I will mail it to you on Monday. I am not about to print 100 of these, so tell me this weekend if you want one, then the deal closes and is over forever. An original hand printed artwork would make a way better holiday gift than a crappy  sweater.

Image size 8.5″ x 5.5″ paper size 10.25″ x 8″

You don’t like hawks? No problem, the next print is a canoe followed by a naughty dog, a child that actually eats his food and listens to his dads, chickens, pointe shoes, an elephant, the golden lion from the Venice flag, a Welsh dragon, a Mexican wolf, and fairy penguins (they live in Tasmania and yes they are real).

All my prints for the forseeable future will be of subjects  suggested only by my FB friends. Each will all be available for $40 that includes shipping and a free print to the suggester.

My paypal email is hilary@hilarylorenz.com. Feel free to email me questions. I wish the digital image was better quality, I only had my phone to photograph it as I broke my camera!

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Proud and Pride

Patrick Rogers post Philly Marathon

I am just bursting with happiness for my friend Patrick Rogers who ran his first marathon today in Philadelphia.

I met Patrick a year or so ago in the dog run, we became  running buddies and now great friends.

Patrick had not  run much before but knew he wanted to run and knew he wanted to run a marathon. He did not get in through the  lottery so he signed up for Philly. We ran together over the winter and spring as I prepared for my best  half marathon ever. But unfortunately Patrick came down with a nagging injury that kept him out of running most of the summer. But that was not until after my casual coaching of him lead him to  beat me in a 4 miler and a 10k race – drat!

I went to NM for the summer and Patrick took time off running. When I returned he was running 2-3 times a week just a few miles but he really wanted to run the Philly marathon. I urged him to run the half. With 6 weeks to  Philly he told me he really wanted to do it and felt he could. Certainly he was  mentally fit.  This was an excellent if not crazy challenge. Since getting my USATF coaching certification I have never formally coached anyone.  I am always good for advice – after all I am a teacher. So against all good judgement I made Patrick a 6 week marathon plan, to expand aerobic fitness, build strength, and not get injured.

I carefully placed long runs 15-18-15-20-12- giving him only minimal taper, threw in weekly striders and hills. Patrick had run 10 miles with me the week before he started this, but that was the longest all summer. Carefully monitoring, resting when needed, today he unleashed it like a pro.

I gave him the last minute advice 1. Patients 2. Find a mantra 3. When you get to mile 20 you only have 10k to go, evaluate and run a 10k  race 4. At mile 24 hammer it 5. Smile as you cross the finish line

Patrick ran the first  10k  slower than I thought he would run, 9:17, but at the 1/2 his average time dropped to 9:05, then at 30k his average pace dropped even more to 9:03 and he finished with an average pace of 9:06, 3:58:36 , sub 4:00.  I was so extremely proud of him and filled with pride for being able to get him safely, happily and quickly across the line. His face was pure bliss. The only ache was a left shoulder  and bicep from running a bit to stiff, it was not a surprise. I grabbed him shortly after the finish getting him to eat a banana, drink some water and rub some biofreeze into his painfully sore arm. Tim his wonderful and super supportive boyfriend found us on the bench by the massage tent. I have a super cute pic of Tim helping Patrick change his pants, socks and shoes, but I didn’t get a chance to ask him if I can post it, so perhaps it will come later. But what was really funny is that Patrick forgot his running socks and wore black cotton  dress socks. It was unbelievably no blisters. We helped him peel off his shirt and put a dry one on, I pulled his hat over his head. His lips were a little blue and he was in that post marathon dream state so I kept looking over at him to make sure hypothermia didn’t set in. We went to the Starbucks and got skinny cafe latte’s. Patrick and Tim caught the Amtrak and I got the Chinatown bus back to NYC. I am just beside myself with joy for him.

On a more somber note. I arrived at the marathon at 10:00am to see the 3:00 folks come in. The 3:10 pacer came in with a group, one of the guys dropped less than  1000 meters from the finish. Two runners from the group stopped right there and the medics rushed in. The medics voraciously performing CPR in a way that you knew, but did not want to think about the outcome. It must have been over 15 minutes before an ambulance showed up. The pacer took the group to the finish and returned to the scene still going on.  The little medic tractor vehicles showed up but still we saw no ambulance. I felt myself sweating and wanting to scream, “where is the fucking ambulance?” Perhaps it was already too late and that is why everything went so slow, but the runner died.  I can’t help but think he was after that Boston 3:10 Qualifier and was so close to the finished but never made it.  I am so deeply saddened for him for his family.

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Awesome New Mexico Stone Casita for Rent

Lost baby calf on my front steps

Want to wake up to this? A baby calf found it’s way to my Abiquiu, NM house. My friends and current tenants Laura and Hondo took this photo from the front window.

This post nothing to do with running or art unless I tell you how awesome it is to train at 6200 ft.  and you could do that for the next six months from my house in NM. You would get so strong, then on the weekends you could snowshoe up to 13,161 ft for the added aerobic bonus.

I am posting because my rural stone house will be available from Dec. 1 to May 20 (approx). Here is the ad in Craiglists. Only $500 a month, now that is a super deal.

Abiquiu Stone House

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American Pavilion Superstars

This was the last day I ran at the Biennale. I already miss the superstar status. I have an awesome 1 minute video of my last run. There is an exuberant husband and wife team cheering me on and a man running up to take a photo.

This was such a super experience. I had a great time visiting the city and hanging out with the Guggenheim staff. I saw some incredible artwork by many of them including Diana Cordoba Barrios, collages, Michelle Galletta prints and Matthew Attard sculptures. I unfortunately do have a link to Matthews work – so send me one Matt!

It was great to meet and share a house with Dave Durante and  Sadie Wilhelmi. They are amazing athletes and their performances were incredible to watch. Yes I will certainly miss it all.

Wow I am so happy here I look like am going to bust!

I flew home via Madrid and when I sat down on the plane, the women next to me said, “hey you are the runner!” Yes I had a huge grin on my face, she had at the biennale the previous week and saw me run. I got to celebrate my celebrity status one more time before coming home to paperwork and student complaints.

Okay one last video just for the fun of it you can see me flopping around with excitement at the end:

Hilary Lorenz in front of Track and Field Title Plate

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Laboratorio Libero

Yesterday was my day off from the Biennale. I had a fantastic day of seeing “TRA Edge of Becoming” an exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny and going to Fort Marghera on the mainland to a printmaking workshop called Laboratorio Libero. I met up with Michelle, Diana, and Tuey at Piazza Roma to take the bus over.

Obviously being a printmaker I love to visit studios.  I have worked all over the world and no matter where I go there is an instant feeling of “home” as printmakers are a welcoming bunch. Plus you always know the stop is are to be international and today was no exception. When we arrived the Italian artists were working alongside artists from Croatia, plus our group was American, Canadian and Mexican. The big advantages about working in a printmaking studio, a apposed to being a painter in a solo studio,  is to work along an international group, one can get into intense conversations about art and politics which is always enriching and dream up great collaborative projects.

The Laboratorio Libero has a wonderful slogan “Where there is a press there is Freedom.”  I equate this with the history of print, obviously the first major means of disseminating information but also much more.  There is an introduction by Paolo Fraternali a professor at the Fine Art Academy talking about roles of artists and critics and the importance of creating an original language and how we are obliged to communicate with the present and be a tune to collective improvisation. Which basically for the printmaker is do not get bogged down in the history of image or technique of print, but use it the medium to move forward with contemporary ideas while being influenced by those you collectively work with. That should be the true nature of all printshops.

It gave me insight into how I want my printshop, Stonetrigger Press in New Mexico to work. I so wish I could up and leave NY and create an international residency at my studio right now.  I can offer summer residencies but I do not have the artists, or athlete – that is my vision, casita built yet. I think it may be time to look into Kickstarter to create a fundraising campaign to make this happen. I want the casita to always have someone in it, either an artist using the studio or an athlete taking advantage of the high altitude training, running, cycling, swimming, paddling or climbing which is all minutes from my house

Today is my last day to run on the tank. I am sad for that. I will miss all the Biennale visitors, even the one’s who accost me demanding answers and meaning to the piece while they videotape me. I almost shutter to think of the sound bits that could be floating around after my on-demand art interpretation that I am asked for the second I step off the tank. It is kind of cool but then again I am not always prepared for the really aggressive ones which I got a few days ago. But is all fun, just way too short.

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If you think I am sitting at outdoor cafes along the Canal Grande seeping wine or drinking espresso you are dearly mistaken. In the last 6 nights I have not eaten at a restaurant, only once had espresso, and have only had one glass of wine at a cake party last night.

You must think I am crazy to not partake in all kinds of extravagance in Italy, but Venice does not seem extravagant in behavior, in art and history yes.
Last night the party, made by Tuey, one of the Guggenheim interns who works at the American Pavilion, started at 6:30pm near a church. The entire square was completely empty. Tuey made a cake, named “Patrick” and we all sang Happy Birthday. The party was very well represented with friends from Norway, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Japan, the US and my personal favorite Canada. I am sure I am leaving someone out.  At 9:00pm we went to a bar to listen to a band. The bar was filled with the young fun people of Venice. Because I live in Lido, kind of like Brooklyn to Manhattan, I went home at 11:00. (Or maybe because I am old and I hate being tired in the morning) The boat I came on had stopped running so I had to walk to the other side of Venice. There was no one on the streets as I navigated the narrow passageways. I got to the vaporetto and waited 17 minutes to get my boat to Lido, another 15-20 minute ride. I realized today that it already seems normal to take a boat to work. I had not even noticed that there are no cars or bikes in Venice, but clearly one sees the canals filled with boats moving people, fruit, furniture, everything that the island needs.

On a typical day I am up at 7:30 and out the door at 8:30 to be walk around to see anything that is open. Today I saw an amazing video exhibition by Lech Majewski called the Bruegel suite at Chiesa di San Lio, the Church of San Lio. The video used paintings of Bruegel with real like actors in period dress performing events up to and including Christ’s crucifixion. Just thinking about Bruegel and crucifixion you can you imagine how intense this is. And being shown in a church in an alter piece format it is pretty hard to top.

I also visited the first market, the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frai, one of the largest churches in Venice, completed in 1440. It has a treasure trove of art from Titian including his tomb, Bellini and Donatello. Next door is the Scoula Grande di San Rocco completely decorated by Tintoretto who spent 23 years filling the interior with depictions of the saint and his heavenly consorts. This is the most spectacular thing I have seen.

Lech Majewski

San Roco

The other excitement, a man asked me for my autograph today. It told him I am not the artist and he said, “I know but YOU are the runner on the tank.” Yes, I really like giving my autograph.

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Venice Report with video

Today I ran twice, shot 233 photos tons of  videos and traveled to three islands to see exhibitions.  So far the Hungarian Pavilion, the Polish Pavilion and the Glasstress exhibition are my favorites. Since I only have about 10 minutes of time I will post photos and reports about them tomorrow, plus I will put pics on FB.

As requested here is a  video  me running on ” Track and Field” which is created by American artists Allora and Calzadilla.

I am having trouble with uploads so you can only view it from this link right now.

It is totally different running in place for an audience than running in a big race with people cheering. Adirondack Nancy said if she were here, she would hold up a sign saing, “Stay on Track!” Now that would be a hoot!

I like talking to people after the performance and I have to remember not to be fumbling with my earplugs or picking my shorts out of my butt because the more shy people are standing behind pillars taking my photo. It is all really cool!

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Venice Biennale

Running in the Venice Biennale. The biggest and most illusive artist dream is to be in the biennale, and one never knows how they might get here. Never in a million years would I think running would get me here.

I arrived on Sunday and look the waterbus to Lido. Lido is kind of like Brooklyn to Manhattan. The biennale is just two waterbus, vaporetti, stops from the apartment. It was cool and rainy so I was not sure if I could run on the tank. Fortunately it cleared up and I did two “performances.” It was really cool. I wanted to start laughing but I had to stay serious and keep my head up looking at the lamppost. Seeing the tank tracks moving under me incited a bit of vertigo.

I watched Sadie and Dave’s performances after mine, they are really cool. The pavilion rooms are small and you are very close up to the performers. There is huge tension in the room. You can hear and see them breathing, feel the pressure when they are balancing on the airline seat sculptures. We each perform for 15 minutes, first me, then Sadie, then Dave, then me again. Clearly I have it easy and don’t need much skill to run. The treadmill is very slow only on 5 mph because the tank shakes. This lets me practice quick turnover to make it look like I am running faster, with 180 steps per minute. Clearly Said and Dave have the real skill.
They have been performing all summer and previous to the exhibition were choreographing.

Got to run, it is time for me to go again. More later

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Just a quick post before I go to the airport. My flight to Madrid leaves shortly, then to Venice. I will be there at 11:30 Sunday morning while all of you are getting ready for the marathon. My first run will be at 4:00, I suspect many of you will be between 13 and 18. Good luck NYC Marathoners.

The three athletes for the time I am there, all sharing an apartment in Lido are Dave Durante, Sadie Wilhelmi and me. Here they are preparing for the biennale

Dave at the Olympic trials
The Dave and Sadie Blog

And I ran and did squat with rocks you don’t need to see a video of that. You will see one soon of me on “Track and Field”

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