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An Adventure of Another Kind

Dogs in the studio waiting for Hilary

Dogs in the studio waiting for Hilary, photo by Lisa Studier

We have been having a lot of rain in Abiquiu, NM, big thunderstorms every afternoon. This causes flooding and roads to wash out but so far things were passable, until my adventure last night. This has nothing to do with running, not really, but it is an adventure and my broken foot is involved..

After dinners with friends at a restaurant 30 miles from home, I return to find the road completely washed out and a fast running riverin it’s place. There was no way to cross it. I turned around, backtracked 12 miles try another way home. Just after my turn off, I seestalled headlights and a flood of rushing water. Two girls drove their tiny car into a rushing arroyo of water. Of course it stalled and they were stuck in who knows how much mud with water up to the car doors, at 9:30pm in the dark, no stars, no moon, totally dark.  I had no cell service told them I would go get help. I find a guy with a truck; that did not take long. As he went to rescue them, I drive back the 12 miles to get a room at theAbiquiu Inn. Meanwhile I was freaking out because I had a friend at home, Lisa, who I could not call and tell her what was happening. (I am not concerned about getting home, only that she is there and has no idea where I am). I get to the Inn just before 10pm, their doors are locked and no one is working. How does a hotel stay in business if they are closed to last minute travelers?  I freak out a bit more because I cannot tell Lisa that I am sleeping in my car tonight because the road is washing out. The nearest cell phone reception is 15 miles away and I was not about to drive it.  On top of that, just today I took my survival kit of boots, blankets, flashlight and goodies, out of the car to move some tables.  I do not even have a blanket, but I do have a jacket. Not that it is cold, I just like be covered up when I sleep.

I think about who’s house I can show up to at 10pm, and who has a passable road.  I was at dinner with Debra and Frank and I decide to go there. Their road is covered by mud slides but the good ole’ Subaru gets through fine. I get to their dirt driveway and see both their gates closed. The closed metal gate has tall tree limbs stuck through it preventing people from leaping over. But after all my attempts to get home, broken booted foot or not, I was getting over the fence. I climb the fence and it is pitch black out and muddy. I slide down the hill and work my way around to the dark back yard. Not a single light anywhere.  I then think, “What if they have guns?” It seems like most people do out here, so I decided to start calling out their names, even though I know they can’t hear me in the house.  I was worried  if they did hear me, they would think I am a prowler. (I never told them that part of the story) I find the front door and knock loudly, calling out their names. Frank comes to the door and just as I open my mouth to say what happened and how I have to call Lisa, I begin to cry a bit.  Debra immediately asks if I want to stay, “yes, please I need to stay.” I felt instantly better and so happy to be with them in their home. What a relief. After I called Lisa, I was fine. But guess who wasn’t? Homer, look at the sad face he wears when I am not home.

Sad Homer waiting for Hilary to return

Sad Homer waiting for Hilary to return, photo by Lisa Studier

When I drove home the next morning about 7am the giant earth movers had already been out for a couple of hours putting the road back together. It was  a good feeling to get home. The dogs have been stuck by my side all day. My foot is a little sore now but I do not think it was because I climbed a gate and sloshed around in the mud. I have been doing a bit too much on it. On Friday I get my next x-ray to see how it is healing, it has been 5 weeks.  I hate not being able to run, but even more I hate that I could not ditch my car last night and just walk home. That was the worst part of this.

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Wrong Blog, That was Wierd

Yesterday I posted my sold painting, it was on the wrong blog. I have my art blog, hilarylorenz.wordpress.com where I am doing a 30 day watercolor challenge.  But that mistake  get me to update this sports and adventure blog.

Basically I am about to jump out of my skin. Four weeks in a boot with my broken foot. While the pain has gone down tremendously, the doc wanted me 100% non-weight baring for another week. I have not complied. I always wear my boot, but I walk without my crutches. I am swimming a bit, but mostly feel pretty depressed from my total lack of exercise. I go back on July 10th for a follow up x-ray. At least I can see the bones in my feet now that the swelling is gone.

In the meantime I try to keep my humor with a weekly dose of donkey visits, really visits to see my friends Michelle and Tom, but the donkeys are a real bonus. After my foot broke I coached Michelle who is headed to Senior Olympic Nationals today for her first competition on Saturday. Good luck Michelle, I know you will do great. I will pet the donkeys while you are away.

Hilary with mini donkey

Hilary with mini donkey

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Day 1 Elk Watercolor Sold

Day 1 Elk Watercolor Sold

Day 1 Elk Watercolor is sold, but check in tomorrow, July 2 for the Day 2 Watercolor Challenge, available at 6pm EST from

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