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I want to thank everyone for donating to God’s Love We Deliver, “Race to Deliver.” The 4-mile, 6.4-kilometer race was on Sunday in New York’s beautiful Central Park. It was a brisk morning of 42º with lots of wind and 5981 runners, 3239 were women. Go women runners!

I am happy to report that despite my lack of warm-up prior to the race I ran well, beating 96.4% of the total women racers and coming in the top 14 of my age class. Overall, of the 5981 total men and women runners combined I was in the top 14%. And being NYC it is a highly competitive field! While the majority of runners fit the usual age profile of 30-39 followed by 20-30, there were runners as young as 12 and as old as 85, and let me tell you those 80-85 year olds can kick the butts of many of those half their age. It is my dream to be running like them in 40 years.

I was happy with my results and very happy that I have great supporters such as you to help me raise money for GLWD. Race to Deliver brought in a total of $360,784, which will make a huge impact.

Again thank you for your generosity.

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lawrence_posterThis is driving me crazy the link for Race to Delivery donations keeps expiring and/or changing. How do they think we are going to gather donations for next week’s race if the link never works. Anyhow I am only $165 short of my goal and I have 6 days to make it. Hopefully, if you find an extra $5 in your pants pocket while doing laundry perhaps you can donate it. It is an excellent benefit group that feeds people with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening disease.
Okay, next; just  when I was about to gathered up a bucket of toilet water to throw out my second floor window on a guy that refused to turn down his car stereo he finally drove away. I was working on a paper that I needed to finished today and the music was driving me mad. Now that he is gone I can get something done. Though it would have been fun to throw toilet water on him!
One week ago today was the NYC mararthon. The first time in my running career I ran two marathons in three weeks. It is not bad. I was not sure what it would feel like to run two so close together especially after Chicago which was so hot and took so much out of me. But when I awoke on Sunday November 2 to a 40 degree day, I knew it would be good. I was hoping for my 3:45, which is what I wanted in Chicago. I was realistic that I may not get it since I had just run my marathon but I was going to give it a shot. I decided to start out with the 3:50 pace group just to keep myself calm and slow in the first few miles. I thought I would stay with them until mile 10 but decided to leave early to pick up the pace. This way I would not have so much time to make up later. It was all going well, and the goal was in sight but then suddenly at mile 18 after the gel stop and the mountain of cups and Gatorade all over the road, I fell. I went flying forward landing on my hands, left shoulder, left knee and curled up into a ball so that I would not get trampled. Someone whisked their hands under me and popped me up. I walked over to the side, blood on my knee, scrapes on my should, Gatorade and sludge all over my side. I checked everything out and felt okay and started again. Less than 10 steps and I fell again, this time on my right side. (I have a bruise on my hip the size of a cantaloupe). A women picked me up, I went back to the siding thinking, “is there something wrong with me – do I have to quite?” I stood there for a full minute or longer contemplating what happened. I felt fine, a bit freaked out about watching all the people go by, but I was not dizzy or in pain. So I started again but a bit slower. I got the 20 mile mark and said 10k to go, and gave it all I had to run a 10k and catch up on time. Well as many people know it is not easy to catch up on time, not impossible, I have run negative splits, but not today. During my fall the 3:50 pacer passed by but I managed to still pull that time out of my body and only a minute slower than last year. I was happy for that, I was proud. For my gender and age group it is a Boston Qualifer and that is a good stamp of approval for me. Am I going to run it – no way. I ran it last year, it is an experience most people should have but I have new goals. After 4 marathons in one year, my first year of marathoning I am spending the next 12 months training to take 10 minutes off my time, then the following year another 10 minutes. Can I do it?  Who knows but I am going to try hard. I know I can run a 3:40, that will not be the real test. In order to do that I need to get serious about my strength training. I have already begun discussions about this with my Physical Therapist, Pete. If anyone can get my body strength trained it is him. And my Coach Kelsey at Front Runners. On November 18 we go indoors for 5 months of 2x a week track speed training at the New Balance Armory.

Friday night I had an exhibition opening at NuturART in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It is an excellent exhibition curated by Denise Wong. The show runs through December 13. Here is Denise’s description of the show:
Present Perfect Continuous presents the work of emerging artists who have migrated to New York City from elsewhere. Using drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage, the artists interweave memories of experiences and past travels with the realities of their urban present to create personal, historical narratives. The works take cues from biological processes, human origins, and visceral experiences to chart a physical and personal process of evolution.
That is about it for today, Sunday. Monday I will wake up to a short 3 miler over the the Williamsburge Bridge and back, then after teaching my computer graphics class I will go for a leisurely swim at the LIU Pool. It is very nice to have a pool and rec. center at work. Then I will begin the process of designing my 12 month plan to a stronger, sleeker, faster me.

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lorenz_2008Here are a couple of very lovely photos of me running the NYC Marathon last weekend. I haven’t even gotten the time to write up my full report when I have something even bigger and more important to plan.

On Sunday November 16th in Central Park, I will be participating in God’s Love We Deliver’s 15th Annual Race to Deliver, a fast 4 mile race. God’s Love We Deliver provides nutritious meals for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

I am asking you to help me ensure that no person, or their dependent children, ever has to face the unthinkable combination of illness and hunger. Your tax-deductible gift will help God’s Love We Deliver win that Race.

It’s easy to make a donation. Just click here to my personal donor page.

You may also send a check to:

or send a check payable to God’s Love We Deliver to:

God’s Love We Deliverglwd_logo08
Race Sponsorship
166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10013

Thank you for your support and remember, the Race to Deliver isn’t just another walk in the Park!
Thank you for your support.

I promise my next post will be all about the NYC marathon, an update to the Vo2max testing, and reviews of “the stick”lorenz_marathon

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Can you believe I missed this yesterday? Wendy with a giant “Go Hilary” sign. A full marathon review will be up later tonight. NYC is my favorite marathon, being home, running my streets, it is always the best and the fastest. This year again, another Boston qualifier! And just three weeks after a less than spectacular Chicago marathon. I’m happy today!

Lots of exciting news coming later today…

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Check it out, tomorrow at 10:00 I am back on my home turf, going after that PR!

ING New York City Marathon course video

Watch for me number, 21306! I am ready to go again.

For those of you facing, if you don’t have it already it is a pace guide adjusted to the terrain. Just click here to get it, it is very good.

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It is Saturday afternoon, the day before the NYC marathon. I am sitting on my bed with my legs propped up. My stomach is filled with pancakes from the Front Runners breakfast. We ran the final 2 miles of the marathon to get our legs stretched out and to confirm that they are still working. In these final hours of sitting, drinking water, and eating I can finally catch up on blog posts, emailing, and my exercise phys term paper.

So the cool thing I did this week was participate in a study at Long Island University where as I have told you I am a professor and a grad. student. I was tenured a couple years ago and I am taking advance of tuition remission to get a MS in Exercise Physiology.

I am giving you an overview of the study because while I hate to admit it, the dog ate my notes. It is not an excuse, he really did eat the paper. UPDATE: The study is on a device called an “Actical.” Actical Physical Activity Monitor (supposedly) provide an objective, quantifiable measure of Physical Activity and Energy (Caloric) Expenditure The study at the LIU Exercise Science Lab test the validity of these tiny square chips that are secured to your waist and measure your metabolic output. Think of a super fancy pedometer that measures all your activities from watching TV to climbing a mountain. I got to the lab and met Sarah and Mike who would be conduction the test. They recorded my height and weight the proceed to strap on all the measuring devices. First a standard heart rate monitor, the ones the many athletes use for training, around my chest, followed by a tiny two wire device hooked up to electrodes to my left chest above my heart over my aorta, another heart rate device. Then the cool thing, the portable VO2max portable mask called a COSMed Ky B2. This thing is really cool, it contains a GPS so that if I changed my mind and decided to run away with this piece of equipment they could track me and get it back. Actually the GPS would allow the researcher to send a participant outside to the track to run freely while measuring their exhaled gases.

Once I was hooked up and tested, the test began with 8 minutes of rest, sitting in a chair doing nothing. I look a bit miserable in this photo, okay I was kind of uncomfortable; I have a very hard time sitting still, especially when I have constricting straps all over. I have a real adversity to anything tight or restrictive and sitting still was not easy.

It was the longest 8 minutes of the test. Then 8 minutes of playing cards. I could hear Sarah and Mike talking about the machine that it was perhaps not working correctly or that air was leaking from my mask. It was definitely not leaking, that thing would certainly leave a giant hicky on my face. I was just far more comfortable moving around.

Then I swept for 8 minutes, lifted very light weights to the beat of a metronome for 8 minutes and finally the tread mill, ahhhh I can relax, and sure enough as the walking began my metabolic rates lowered, I think I may have been the only person that happened too because there was more whispering. After 8 minutes the incline was ramped up, followed by 8 minutes of flat very slow jogging and 8 minutes and very slow jogging at an incline.  I was happy once I got to move my legs, I noticed my body was burning 90% fat and only 10% carbs, the sign of used up energy or in my case good economic running, that is my goal for the year – to become more economical. I am fit from my marathon training.  I was very happy on the treadmill.

The walking, running and card playing were the most relaxing; the sitting was the hardest followed by the weights. The weights were very light but I had a bit of anxiety about keeping the rhyme of the metronome, so my metabolic changes had more to do I think with my brain, anxiety about  keeping time. But overall it was a very positive experience and very interesting. I even got paid for it, and guess what?  YOU TOO can too. If you are in the NYC area and want to try this out, they are testing on Thursday and Friday at LIU which is in Brooklyn one stop from Manhattan on the B or Q train.  The head PI is Professor David Spierer, an Assistant Professor in the Sport Sci program and professor of the course I am taking. He is one of the best and most engaging people I have studied under. If you email me directly I will put you in contact with him to schedule your appointment. Now what is really cool, I talked to Mike about VO2max testing. I want to get mine tested, then adjust my training accordingly I plan to spend the next 5 months doing speed work twice a week at the indoor track of the New Balance Track and Field Armory in New York. I plan to lower my overall weekly mileage, incorporate heavier weight-training, cycling and swimming. I have a 2-year marathon time goal I am after!  Happy Running.

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