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Brooklyn Half Marathon

I moped around this weekend and did a bit of complaining during my Sunday 18 mile run about the new route of the Brooklyn half marathon. Last year I took 6:00 of my half marathon time, a distance I have always run poorly. So this year I focused on a new PR for that race.  I have been working with John Henwood since January and every Sunday I have a long run of 18 miles, each set at a faster pace than the last. Yesterday my 18 miles was less than 24 hours after running 6 x 1200 at 5k pace. What a killer!

So what is the problem? NYRR opened up the field from 6,000 to 15,000 and changed the course to include some terrible hairpin turns. So new course, sure a new PR but it cannot be measured against last year and I dread running with so many people, even if I do get in the front corrals.

But training is going super well as is my preparation for a group exhibition at Corridor Gallery, set to open April 15th, right after you file your taxes. Reception in the afternoon.

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