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Fall Running

I am taking a little break from my Guggenheim Fellowship application. My eyes are going crossed from all the computer time.

It is beautiful cool weather in New Mexico and a real surprise to me to call the current 82 degrees cool, but it feels nice. I had not been doing much running . Two weeks ago I had a very hot 16 mile run along the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos, and a week before that a 16 mile run from the base Taos Ski basis to the Wheeler Peak, 13,100 ft. That was a blast. I also signed up for the Boston Marathon last week. I am confirmed.

I have torn and worn out all my trail shoes so I tried a pair of Altra as I heard they are good for wide feet. Well even with my super bunions these babies are like slippers. They are zero drop, always have been, probably always will be. I wore them first on my trail dog walk in the morning and while they are a little sloppy, they are wildly comfortable. After the Sept 19th deadline for the fellowship, and with all my artwork shipped out for my shows, I can get some more running in.

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