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Injinji socks, shirt and gloves.

Today, with only four days to go before I leave for Tasmania, I am excited to tell you about my newest sponsor, Injinji performance socks. Last year while training for the New York Marathon I began wearing Injinji socks after seeing them on the Badwater website. For those of you that do not know Badwater, it is a 135-mile ultramarathon foot race starting in California’s Death Valley. It takes place in July, when the weather conditions are most extreme and temperatures over 120 F in the shade are not uncommon. To say that the runner’s feet get beaten up is a gross understatement. I thought if the Badwater athletes wear Injinji, then they would be great for a mere 26.2 miles and the 800 miles of training prior to the marathon.

Since the first day of trying the performance series of running socks my feet have never been happier. I never get blisters because these cool little socks have toes! I liked the socks so much I introduced them to my teammates at Front Runners who are now becoming Injinji toe socks converts.

After running with these socks at the New York Marathon in 2007 and the Boston Marathon in 2008, I liked the socks so much I began to wear them every day when I found the comfort line which is made just for this purpose.

In preparing to go to Tasmania I made a decision that the only socks I wanted to bring were Injinji’s. I know that may sound strange but as a runner and hiker one of my biggest concerns is the well-being of my feet. I emailed the folks at Injinji to see if they would be interested in sponsoring my Tasmanian drawing, hiking, and running project. On May 12 I got an email from Christine Battenfield, the Chief Financial Officer at Injinji saying yes to my request. Wow, was I excited.

A couple of days ago I got a box from Injinji better than any Christmas box, it was overflowing with performance, outdoor, eco bamboo socks plus Injinji performance gloves, t-shirt, patches and stickers! My friends were jealous and hinted how they wanted to come over and try on the toe socks. Everyone who tried them loved them and of course had to laugh as their toes resembled little fingers, but very comfortable little fingers. So thank you Injini for sending me into the Tasmanian mountains with a stockpile of comfort and support for all my adventure activities.

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