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American Pavilion Superstars

This was the last day I ran at the Biennale. I already miss the superstar status. I have an awesome 1 minute video of my last run. There is an exuberant husband and wife team cheering me on and a man running up to take a photo.

This was such a super experience. I had a great time visiting the city and hanging out with the Guggenheim staff. I saw some incredible artwork by many of them including Diana Cordoba Barrios, collages, Michelle Galletta prints and Matthew Attard sculptures. I unfortunately do have a link to Matthews work – so send me one Matt!

It was great to meet and share a house with Dave Durante and  Sadie Wilhelmi. They are amazing athletes and their performances were incredible to watch. Yes I will certainly miss it all.

Wow I am so happy here I look like am going to bust!

I flew home via Madrid and when I sat down on the plane, the women next to me said, “hey you are the runner!” Yes I had a huge grin on my face, she had at the biennale the previous week and saw me run. I got to celebrate my celebrity status one more time before coming home to paperwork and student complaints.

Okay one last video just for the fun of it you can see me flopping around with excitement at the end:

Hilary Lorenz in front of Track and Field Title Plate

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Just a quick post before I go to the airport. My flight to Madrid leaves shortly, then to Venice. I will be there at 11:30 Sunday morning while all of you are getting ready for the marathon. My first run will be at 4:00, I suspect many of you will be between 13 and 18. Good luck NYC Marathoners.

The three athletes for the time I am there, all sharing an apartment in Lido are Dave Durante, Sadie Wilhelmi and me. Here they are preparing for the biennale

Dave at the Olympic trials
The Dave and Sadie Blog

And I ran and did squat with rocks you don’t need to see a video of that. You will see one soon of me on “Track and Field”

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