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Hilary Lorenz C-scape portrait

In the first weeks of my C-scape residency, I joked about how I will look after 6 weeks of not having a shower. Well here I am, 6 showerless weeks later, and frankly I look better than when I arrived.

I am writing this from my apartment in New York City. Am I happy to be home? Ambivalent,  but I am very happy to be with my dog, girlfriend and running club.  I must admit the light in my apartment was alarming, it was so bright and strange feeling after not having electricity and heat is nice.

I kept track of some of my usages and here it is, rather surprisings on some things.

My 6 week Log of usage

50 gallons of water
630 hours of darkness
378 hours of light
27:46:21 hours of running
145 miles walked
1.5 cords of wood (approx)
80 pounds of coal
20 drawing complete
16 novels read
360 photographs shot
1 hour of flying
16 AA batteries
3 pounds of brown rice
2 pounds of bean (mung and lentils)
1 pound steel cut oats
5 bags of pretzels
1 lb. of almonds
2 jars of peanut butter
2 pound of apples
4 gallons on soy milk

My next adventure is the Boston Marathon,  from now until April 21, I will be running every day. This will be followed by a possible 13-Day Backpack – 121.6 miles on the John Muir Train in Yosemite Valley,  the High Sierras, California. But if I am truly lucky  I will receive an invitation to go to Tasmania. My fingers are crossed.

until then; get outdoors…..

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