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A little set back.

My one month follow up on my  2016 goals for. First, it has been a rough month. Nothing particular happened. The weather was glorious and warm, then suddenly it is -10 and kind of miserable to go out. I got a hamstring strain, then knee pain, then a wrist thing,  and a bit of falling apart. The good thing is that I have physically fallen apart in so many times, I know it is temporary. But as I watch my 7 year old labrador, the younger of my two, limp by me with all his exuberant sports injuries, I just want to curl up with him and fall asleep until everything heals up. At the same time I am planning my running outfit, because while it was -10 two days ago, it will be 50 today.


  1. Pistol Squat. I have not done anything in particular to keep working on this. But I am working on strength through kettlebell workouts. I love the StrongFirst method of kettlebell training.
  2.   Get  StrongFirst Certification. I took the one day workshop at the end of January. It was fantastic. It was one of the best classes on exercise techniques I have ever taken. That is what I like about kettlebell, while you are getting strong throwing around weights, you have to learn good form and technique. This further fed my desire to get  certified.
  3. Race the WhiteFace Skymarathon. This is in July and I am still planning on it. However I chose it because of the date and that I would still be in NYC, but now I might not be. There is a chance I can head to NM as early as July 1, and that I would do.
  4.  Race the Marquette Trail 50 in MI. This is the biggest change. I was excited to run in Michigan but my friend Gabrielle got into Leadville 100. And I can think of no better fun then going to Colorado to pace my friend in a 100 mile race through the Rockies. So I will switch this up.
  5. Build a canoe by hand.  I have that all schedule and I am very excited. I will make a preliminary kit canoe while at my LMCC Governors Island Artist Residency. 

I missed about a week running because everything just hurt in a bad way, not a “oh I just had a great workout way.”  I raced in 1 degree weather on Sunday and did horrible. My whole right side seized up, I could not feel my feet and I have to stop and walk then jog in a 3.3 mile run. It was bad. Thankfully my two relay partners were speedy so we still came in first. But right now I hate the way my body feels and I have no idea why it feels like it does. Basically it is as if I am not responding to training, then it never gets easier and that I am sore after the simplest of runs. My 10 mile runs at an easy 8:30 pace, I was suddenly struggling to run at 10:00 pace.  I am not doing much mileage, under 35 a week now. I registered for the Queens Marathon at the end of April, but I now have serious doubts. I feel like my body was replaced by an alien abduction overnight. It is frustrating because  I love the feeling of running, there is nothing like a few hours of loping through the city or trains. But now I tend to cringe at 6 miles, which I am about to go out and do. Maybe to day will be better.  I just hang in there and eventually I know it will change.

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