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A Lot Going On.

10" x 14" watercolor collage drawing

10″ x 14″ watercolor collage drawing

Oh boy, there is a lot going on. First off I just made a new artwork website, it is at hilarylorenz.wordpress.com. It only shows work that I have completed in the past couple of months. My old site, I did not design for ease of updates and rather than rewrite all the code, I made this one. I will be linking it to a Etsy Store on Friday, and let the joy and love of hand pulled prints fill your homes!

Rio En Medio Trail Run

Rio En Medio Trail Run

I am  in New Mexico and running at altitude and in the intense sun continues to be really hard. The biggest thing I need to do it give in to the slower pace. A run that I would do in NYC at an 8:00 pace, here might be 9:00 or even 9:15. I constantly feel like I am fighting myself which in essence I am. But the beauty of the runs is so great. This was at Rio En Medio and far slower than a 10:00 pace, on loads of hills and rock. My friend Lena Ellis-Boatman was a visiting artist at my studio, and I was so happy to take her out on the trails with the Sante Fe Striders. It is tough, but well worth the effot. 

But this is my year. My year of sabbatical. The year when my whole life is going to change, and it is already. I am ready for something new, and while I can’t say too much about it, new is not always easy, in fact right now it is really painful. But I look forward to that passing, and the NM double rainbows to come out. 
Double Rainbow Guy

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