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No more photos until I am home. My computer is no longer charged, the electrical cord is not working. But in 4 days I will be home and I must admit I am beginning to look forward to taking a shower.

I had big excitement on Thursday. Russ, a flight instructor who I met at the Ptown Airport took he up in his 1969 Cessna airplane. It was one of the coolest things I have done here. We flew from Provincetown down to Chatam first on the inner harbor, then the outer harbor. I saw piles of seals and the best views imaginable of the Cape. I managed to get one photo uploaded before I lost all power to my computer, it is shown at the right. I am now writing at the library. Three of the biggest assets I found in Ptown is the gorgeous new library, which rings it magnificent bell at opening, the airport which has wireless, a nice lounging room, and of course hot water and finally WOMR Radio, an all volunteer free radio with the best mix of DJ’s anywhere. Five assets, the Thrift Shop, especially for books is outstanding.

I have made lists of my major usages that I am going to post at the end of the week before I leave. I found it surprising interesting, one item is my 6 weeks of water usage is equivalent to an 8 minute shower.

That is it for today, rain and snow are on their way and it is a long walk back to the shack.

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