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Hilary standing in snow just below Wheeler Peak

Here is a photo from last weekend’s hike to Wheeler Peak. The guys thought it would be  good to torment all my New York friends. It was 108 degrees in NYC and I was in Taos standing in a pile of snow, shirtless no less. That was just for added effect.

Right now running sucks. I am not 100% sure what is going on, but most evidence points to nutrition. Occasionally I completely lose my appetite. I want to eat nothing. This day on Wheeler I had no breakfast, climbed to 13,160 feet pulled out my almond butter sandwich and ate about half. Later that night I ate half a tamale. I tried to recall what I ate the next day, I think it was  a couple of folk fulls of beans, ran I 2 times totally 15 miles. Monday again almost nothing and Tuesday I was certain, I had a bowl of cereal with milk that included one scoop of Met-rx power. On my drive to SF for the track workout I drank 24oz of Gatorade. I know that is gross but I could not eat and I needed sugar so that I could do the workout.

The workout 4×200 with 100m jog recover (rolling 200s) 3×400 w/ 200m jog recover, 2 x 800 w/ 400m jog recover and 1 x 1600. My 400’s were 7 seconds slower than two weeks ago, my 800 I did not even both looking at and my 1600 was 25 seconds slower. I had no gas and it sucked. It also sucked being one of the 3 slowest runners of the whole group. I still did not feel like eating. The next day I attempted 8 x 200 hills, full walk recover. The first one was good, the second was 3 seconds slower, reps 3-5 were 4 seconds slower, reps 6-7 another second slower and by rep. 8 I was a full 10 seconds slower than #1. Never have I experienced this. The hill was 5% grade. I walked home with my tail between my legs.

New Trail to Wheeler

I feel good otherwise. I am well rested. I just have no fuel to workout at any intensity. So I am back at DailyPlate logging my food and beverage. I  looked into research on macronutrient  balance at altitude. Normally my carb requirement is 6g/kg  with some studies saying that higher altitude requires an upward of 10g/kg. The sad fact is I was not even getting 2g/kg so it was a mute point. I ate until my stomach was sick yesterday, I tried to spread it out over the day so that I could have a good run today. I ate  2200 calories, my carbs were still on the lower side. Today I have eaten 550 calories, steel cut oats, raisins and a banana, that is 110 carbs, I want to get to at least 350 without eating refined crap by the end of the day.  I have a 6 mile tempo run to do in 3 hours, lets see what happens.  I am going to buy some Enurox R4 which was recommended to me by Coach Roy Benson for recovery. I like the stuff and it is far easier for me to drink than eat. It is a 4/1 carb protein balance. Maybe I should get a blender and make smoothies. Jesus I sound like a lunatic, hum, maybe that is part of my problem too.

Ridgeline to Wheeler

I am sure the going from 6,000ft to 13,000ft 2 times a week doesn’t help, nor does my living at 6,000 and working out at 7200 help. The highest of those altitudes completely removes any desire I have to eat and it has caught up with me. No fuel – no run, very simple, but it does does not make eating any easier when I really do not want to.

Oh and all the Gaterade I drank before the workout nearly caused a major problem during the 400’s, thankfully I was able to keep everything in but it was ugly!

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I just returned from hiking Wheeler Peak with my buddies Tobin, Robert and Mark. It was a short fast hike, 10 miles rt, with 3000′ of elevation. Wheeler is the highest peak in NM, 13,161′.
It was beautiful out, cool, overcast, and just right for bagging another peak. Carson National Forest  opened for hiking Friday at noon after being closed in June due to forest fires. I immediately emailed the guys to see if they had any plans. At 8:30pm Robert called to say they were hiking Wheeler. I was so excited. Since I had not been in Santa Fe this last week to get groceries, or do my track workout – lazy me,  my refrigerator was empty except for an individual chocolate milk, german seed bread and almond butter. Ah, I figured as long as I had a lot of water I didn’t need any more food. So I packed up an almond butter sandwich, my chocolate milk and set my alarm for 5:30am.
There is a brand new trail to Wheeler that begins by Lake Katherine. 2.5 miles in from the Taos Ski Valley parking lot.  Instead of going straight up the mountain in essentially a line, there is an awesome switchback trail. It is about 3x as long as the other but it takes some of the steepness out of it. We got up there in a couple hours to find some big group who came from the other side.
As we left the thunderstorms moved in and it rained a little but nothing great. I was home by 4:00 and that included stopping to get an oil change for my car and a few tamales.
Tomorrow morning if I can get up at 5:30 again, I will drive to Santa Fe for a 13 mile trail run with the Striders. If I don’t get up I am going to check out a new trail along the Chama River at Abiquiu Lake.

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