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In addition to having one of my best Christmas’s ever I had a perfect week of Boston marathon training. A Christmas brunch with 12 great friends, delicious food and an exchange of hand made gifts was followed by a delightful sunset run. In fact I had 6 delightful runs all between 3 and 8 miles each, plus two nights of rowing and 5 days of strength and/or flexibility training. It is minimal mileage and it is the plan I used in 2007 for my first marathon after not running for 20 years and that plan qualified me for Boston.

While I am qualified for Boston again, my right quad is only letting me run 2:00 walk 1:00 but this week I added a twist. I began walking the 1:00 backward and by the end of the week I was jogging the 1:00 backward, not only am I getting my front in shape I am getting my back in shape. I am also getting a lot of strange looks from the neighbors.

I think I know what is wrong with my leg, nothing. It is not my IT that has been bothering me these last three years, it is the femoral nerves  impingement. This would explain my right quad shutting down. To test this out I am doing a series of femoral nerve flossing like in this video:

Next week I will let you know how it goes. If all goes well I will reduce my 1:00 backward jogging to 30 seconds. Until then, happy running!

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Today I went to the Hospital for Special Surgery’s performance Lab and met Exercise Physiologist/RN Polly De Mille. I had pressing questions about training and I want to try out a theory of metabolic efficiency as written about by Bob Seebohar. You can look him up if you are interested.

My first question. How can I spend 14 weeks running just 4 days a week, low mileage, one hill workout, one theshold, a mid-length run (14-16) and run “X” at the Brooklyn Marathon, then the next year run, under the guidance of a coach, run 7 days a week, at least one 18 miler and one 15 per week-fast, two track workouts, two general workouts, a basic total kick ass almost kill me plan, and run the exact same race down to the second? Does that mean that is it for me, I will not get faster?

Question two: Why is it that I am running 6 days a week, have good track workouts, excellent strength workouts, okay mid length runs 12 miles or so and so unfit. Really I feel unfit.

I will give the brief version of my testing today and the longer version when I get the full results. I was going in for first metabolic testing to find at what paces I am most efficient at fat burning rather than carbohydrate burning, because if I can make myself more efficient I will be able to run faster long. This is a submax test of slow incremental speed changes and longish running time. Then I would try to take it to my max if possible all the while getting my blood lactate measured. Also what I did not know was they were counting my cadence so I will get a report of any “stride efficiency leaks.”

After a 4 hour fast and with massive headgear in place and a big rubber tube attached to my mouth I started the warm-up, walking for 10 minutes while gathering data. After the 10:00 warm up, the Woodward Treadmills set at 1% include when from paces, 9:52, 9:17, 8:45, 8:18, 7:53, 7:30, 7:10, 6:51. At about 7:30 my right quad started aching, and sweat started forming. At 7:10 I could not believe how awful this felt telling myself the whole time, “this is shower than your 5k pace” then two and a half  minutes into the 6:51 I put up my finger to stop, that was enough of this madness. But Polly was  telling me to push, push, push, one more minute, keep going. There was a second I thought I would puke into the giant rubber mouth gag. When I decided I wanted to stop, suddenly the headgear felt terrible and I wanted it out. I made it to the end of the stage, my blood lactate at 10.3, overcooked basically. It seems sad to have to stop at this slow of a pace. I thought I would make it to 6:00 since they were only 4 minutes long, but I wanted out of there.  Here is the most basic I what I learned.

My blood lactate started rising more quickly around 8:18 pace, if I remember correctly, so that needs to raise. But why would it not clear better and why did it raise here? This is the ultimate find. I need to make more mitochondria and aerobic enzymes. With more mitochondria and aerobic enzymes I will burn fat more efficiently, I will be able to run faster longer and that mitochondria will gobble up and use the lactate rather than send it haywire all over. More simply? In training I need to run slower, longer, oh and cut out grains and high carbohydrate foods.  According to my current Vo2Max, I should be able to run a 3:17 marathon, a 1:34 half. My best marathon is 3:43, best half 1:43, that is a big difference. But it also goes to show I am not aerobically fit as the marathon is almost 100% aerobic.

This is very exciting news and my optimism is quite high. There is one more reason I wanted these number, to train for running a 50 miler race in October and in July the Grand Canyon R2R2R!

So what this said as I understand it at the moment is that if I work primarily on my aerobic endurance and efficiency, I have room to get way better, which is way cool.
The HSS performance lab will be sending my mult-page report at the end of the week. I will let you know more about it.

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