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lorenz_2008Here are a couple of very lovely photos of me running the NYC Marathon last weekend. I haven’t even gotten the time to write up my full report when I have something even bigger and more important to plan.

On Sunday November 16th in Central Park, I will be participating in God’s Love We Deliver’s 15th Annual Race to Deliver, a fast 4 mile race. God’s Love We Deliver provides nutritious meals for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

I am asking you to help me ensure that no person, or their dependent children, ever has to face the unthinkable combination of illness and hunger. Your tax-deductible gift will help God’s Love We Deliver win that Race.

It’s easy to make a donation. Just click here to my personal donor page.

You may also send a check to:

or send a check payable to God’s Love We Deliver to:

God’s Love We Deliverglwd_logo08
Race Sponsorship
166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10013

Thank you for your support and remember, the Race to Deliver isn’t just another walk in the Park!
Thank you for your support.

I promise my next post will be all about the NYC marathon, an update to the Vo2max testing, and reviews of “the stick”lorenz_marathon

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I arrived in Chicago last night wearing my Boston Marathon jacket. I only recently bought it. After running Reach the Beach and seeing so many people, and being awed by them, in their Boston jackets I had to get my own. After all I qualified for and run the Boston Marathon in 2007, why didn’t I get my own jacket? I have to admit I felt really special wearing it, I met marathoners in the airport and on the L. People from the UK and from Mexico, man, I love running and I love runners. It sounds so simplistic to say, but what a bunch of nutty good people.

Back to Chicago. I did an apartment swap with a really lovely couple. I am sitting at their kitchen table drinking my morning coffee, calling my friends who are up early and trying not to jump out of my skin or second-guess any of my choices. Sitting next to me is a photo of Paula Radcliffe and Gete Wami  for my inspiration. The photo of them from the 2007 NYC marathon is so intense. Sitting on top of the photo is a really lucky rabbit’s foot given to me by my friend Tiffany. I have never run with a talisman but on Sunday I will have this little guy in my front pocket pulling my knees and feet closer and faster to the finish line.

Just after noon I will go to the expo to pick up my number. I am meeting two teammates, Kieran and Fatai. I will also meet Tom Greene from the Runners Lounge. It is a site for runners to meet and share information and stories. Also I am going to pick up a “Stick” for the 21 day challenge. This thing is suppose to be a miracle for the legs and I am excited to try it out and report about it wonders.
I like going to the expo, it will take my mind off my time waiting to run on Sunday and it will help me confirm that I am doing everything right. I have a 5 mile run to do today to work out my legs, throw in a few 100 meter strides and on Saturday I will run with Front Runners Chicago,
I am eating my morning steel cut oats. This is the best reason for doing an apt. swap vs. staying in a hotel. I can cook my own food and the one thing that is most important especially before my marathon is eating my favorite breakfast three hours before the race. None of that crappy instant stuff for me. I want the thirty minute cooking kind with a cup of black coffee and by race time I am ready to run.
That’s it for today, I am going to pack up my rabbits foot, my photo of Paul and Wami, write down my finish goal time and stick them in my pocket, for good luck.

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