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Lounging Forester Kanagroos

I am in Hobart with Lisa staying in a very nice apartment, two floors, super spacious with a computer station, Internet, phone, TV, stereo and great views of the working harbour. It is a huge and welcome change from living in the National Parks Hut for 6 weeks. While I loved being at Lake St. Clair it is nice to have some luxury. The living room alone is the size of my entire NYC apartment, the step up bathtub is over 2 meters long. Oh am I happy! The apartment is within the University of Tasmania School of Art. I can walk out my door, up one flight of stairs and be in the printmaking studio. The studios are unbelievable. The printmaking studio alone is larger than the entire floor of the Long Island University department of art where I teach. The printshop has two floors and 12 individual private studios for undergraduates with windows that wrap around two sides of the building. To top that off, to go running I just have to go out the front door and it leads to the cycle-route along the river and I can run for 9 miles in one direction without ever having to worry about traffic or pedestrians. I may never come home now.

Today we had a very special outing. We went to the Bonorong wildlife conservation center, http://www.bonorong.com.au/, in Brighton, about 15km north of Hobart. We saw Forester kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, wombats, potoroos, emus, Tasmanian devils!, peacocks, echidna, eastern quolls and giant koalas. We fed the kangaroos and Lisa was almost taken out by a group of them, it was pretty cool.

Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Centre specialises in wildlife conservation, education and animal care and is committed to the conservation of Tasmania’s native species.

I would highly recommend going there if ever in Tasmania. Lisa and I took the public bus for the fantastic fair of $2.80 for unlimited whole day use rather than the tour bus for $68. We are so smart, plus we got to see the suburbs of Hobart, though it wasn’t pretty. In fact it was rather sad. The route we were on had very grim homes and a seemingly neglected population. The buildings and neighbourhoods reminded me of East L.A. specifically Compton. The saddest moment was when a mother got on the bus with her very fat son who just finished his day at school, he looked like he was in 3rd or 4th grade. He wanted help from his mother on his math homework. He asked, “what is 0 take away 1?” His mother responded, “you can’t take anything away from 0”. It was a rather bleak moment and only got worse from there. We were thankful to get back into Hobart and our palatial apartment. I went out for a 9 mile run on the cycle way, across the harbour and through the city. It was a beautiful rainy night.

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