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Tuesday Sunrise over Lake St. Clair

Now that I know I have Internet and I have sent off a flurry of emails, photos, and posts, I can stop my spastic state and log my reports. Today it rained all day. Early this morning I went for a short walk, 5k though some nearby trails. It was good to walk in the rain and on such a short track. I think it finally gave me the time to look and think more carefully about my surroundings. When I first got here I just wanted to start drawing like crazy climb all the peaks and run through the trails – like a kid in a candy store. My first hike up to Mt. Rufus went very quick, primarily out of need because I had to return before the 4:30 sunset and because I am was excited to get to the top of the mountain. My three day backpack was also a bit like that because I was alone and hyper sensitive to not tripping and twisting an ankle or getting lost or any of that nonsense that I stopped to take a lot of photos but I didn’t stop to really take it in, now I need to take a deep breath and take it in.
32am Lake St. ClairI have a good rhythm going though. I get up at 5:30 or 6am draw and drink coffee for a couple hours then do yoga. I am very happy I downloaded the yoga podcast from yoga journal. I do 30 minutes in the morning to get going, then 30 minutes either before or after I run, and occasionally again before I go to bed. I have been nursing an injury for the past month but I am finding that backpacking and hiking are really helping it. Carrying an extra 40lb pack does not sound like it would be good for a hip flexor strain but in reality the things that I am doing, climbing and bending are helping a lot, my runs are feeling pretty good. They feel good without muscle pain but the pain of not running for 6 weeks is certainly felt, and adding a 2500-foot elevation gain is contributing to it or at least I would like to tell myself that. So I am going to be kind to myself until I know my injury is totally healed and combine running with hiking and strength training and not going over 30 miles a week for at least a month.
So back to how my days go. I drink coffee, draw, and do yoga, then run or by 7:30 instead of running I go hiking. I try to plan a full days walk returning around 3pm or so. If I don’t do that I wonder around the grounds of the visitors center rather aimlessly. Prior to not having email I also did not have a phone or good novel to read. I do have two running books. I started re-listening to “This American Life” with Ira Glass; yes I listened to some of the podcasts 2x just to satisfy my media craving. I know have a newspaper source and I love the café, super nice people, newspaper, coffee and best of all wireless! Now I will download more podcasts to listen to in my cabin. It is still raining and will probably do so through the weekend and hopefully by Monday snow. I know those of you in NYC are having extreme heat, I am not sure which I would prefer now, extreme heat or what I have about 2ºC. If the rain lets up maybe I will go out and practice my wood splitting skills, or try to aquire some wood splitting skills, Scooter, a ranger here, cut a bunch of wood for me the first day, but I don’t want to keep asking him to chop my wood. To date though I have not had much success with the ax, unless part of the success is not in hurting one’s self.


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