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Winter fun time

Finally this week we are getting some snow! After 7 weeks of no snow for my XC ski class on the 8th class it stormed like mad. In fact we have so much snow falling that visibility was less than 200 meter in the car. I got less than 2 miles from home and turned back. The class is 50 miles aways  at Pajarito Mountain, so I was not going to risk it, plus it was another 3000 feet in elevation so the driving conditions would be even more intense.  Of  course that made for some great dog / snowshoe running in my own backyard, which really is the best thing anyway.

The  day before I got a nice trail little trail run in with such great sunshine to keep me warm I got into my shorts.

hilary and homerBeyond that I am working on a bunch of new strengthening stuff that I really like. It is easy to get done,  and there is no excuse not to do it. Kinetic Revolutions 30 day challenge is a guarantee to get those glutes firing. This is one of the few internet based exercise/strength/mobility programs for runners that I think is honestly good and not arbitrary and/or without progressions. It makes a lot of sense. I am at day 14.

That is it for now, I am working on my dream of rebuilding a vintage shasta trailer into a gallery/mobile printshop, right now it is only in my head. And looking for a Vandercook letterpress. And to hide it here as the last sentence, I am going to defer my Boston Marathon this year and dedicate my time to running out here in the southwest.

You can also check out my art printmaking blog here. Soon I will start on some sports specific prints and send them over to my Etsy store, but not before March 15.

Online Running Technique Course

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