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Friday, Dec 21, Seals

Gathering woodThis morning I went out to see the high tide at 8:18am. My usual morning is spent getting the fire going and making coffee, but my room was a comfortable 40 degrees when I got up, so the fire could wait. I finally saw my first seal. At first I thought it was a sea bird as the shore is covered with them, but after watching for a few minutes I could see his whole body as he dove into the waves. It was great to be outside so early, the sun barely up and the dark blue of night still hanging on.

Yesterday I was indoors the whole day. I did not go running because it was raining and dark. Normally I would go running in the rain, but on the beach in the soft sand, it would take me way too long to even go a mile. What was especially good about the rain was that I drew all day, for 8am to 4pm. Then I read until 10pm. What a marvelous way to spend the days, drawing and reading. I feel so lucky to be here listening to the waves, the rain hitting the roof, the wind rushing through the cracks in the windows and just me all alone in the vast sandy beach. I have made three drawings, and of course the obligitory ugly landscape, but hey, how can one not make a landscape drawing when living out here.

I still do not have my satellite up, but hopefully by the end of the day I will.

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