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I am sitting at a picnic table overlooking a beautiful lake with miles of rail trails just beyond that. I rented a little house that was once a gazebo, I suppose you could still call it a gazebo but it has indoor plumbing and a kitchen.  The dogs have been running non-stop and swimming in the lake. The owners of the property have had it in their family since the 1930’s and there used to be a hotel and several cottages. All but three of the cottages have been removed and the hotel was made into a home. It is 90 miles from NYC in Mapleridge near Monticello. If I could stay up here all summer and run the rail trails it would change my whole running life.

It makes me especially happy to be in the country. I can lick my wounds here. The race I have been so looking forward too, Transrockies, is out. I will not be healthy enough to run 120 Rocky Mountain trail miles. I am so sick of getting hurt, this last year  really sucked. More strength training, better nutrition and less miles is the only answer I can come up with. I consoled myself today watching the Resurrected Runner. Any runner knows exactly what he is going to say. My favorite part is about his family. I won’t spoil it, take a look.

That is it for now. The dogs and I are going swimming!

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