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Self Portrait in Pink

Today is a big day. New Year’s Eve and I have chosen a very special outfit to wear at the shack. Nowhere else can such a glamorously hot pink number be found. You can witness the whole wood gathering pink robe performance on my flicker link to the right. With that said, I now need to address drawing for a change.

I have been working on a variety of sketches and trying to figure out what I am doing. This is typical at a residency; I am away from my studio working in less than ideal conditions, in a completely different landscape. This is the precise reason that I do them, to get a new prospective on my work and kind of force my drawing to evolve into a different form. And that is exactly what is happening. Normally I would never show “clunkers” or work that is so different from sketch to sketch, but for this post it illuminates just what happens in my process of working away from home. As I am drawing I can’t help but to think about a quote I heard on the radio when I first got here, ‘habit is a great deadener’ from Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot” It is easy for me to keep making the same kinds of marks, just switching the palette, scale, and thoughts about what I am making. But going to a residency is my way of throwing out all the habits and letting my surroundings inform my work, no matter how arduous that can be in the beginning. Certainly a change of routine helps. If I had been home, I would stop by the deli for a bagel and coffee and take the subway to the studio. Today, I made a fire, carried in wood, made coffee, and then repaired one of the steps with wood I found under the shack, before I started drawing. These kinds of chores I really enjoy and they get me thinking. For now I am putting away all my watercolor and stripping it down to pencil and paper for a while. I have four more weeks to work out my ideas before going home. Once I am at home in my studio I can retain this experience for the whole year, and freshen my objectives by reading my journals and referencing my photographs.

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