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I have been corresponding this last week with two new friends, both of which qualified for the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon. It is a little secret that you do not have to wait in line with the lottery system for the NYC Marathon but rather you can qualify by time in either a 1/2 marathon or a full marathon. I will post those tomorrow and long with a number of other tips on cost efficient ways to getting to Boston or New York.

One reason I am in a big hurry is that I have to get to my studio before I go to the University. I have an exhibition in Appleton Wisconsin at Lawrence University this weekend. I am exited to get in the fresh air and see my long time pal Ben Rinehart who is a new Professor there.

Lastly on the update, I am finally getting over a hideous cold I have had since running Chicago, and I ran 6 miles at pace yesterday and did some strength training. I am gearing myself up to do it again, in NYC on November 2. The nice cool weather will help me reach my goal much better than the 85 degrees in Chicago.


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