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Oh I’m tired. Today was the last NYRR points races of the year, a 5 miler.  I have been tired and basically re-tired from over running and burn out but I had to show up. I met my downtown running buddies, David and Patrick, for a cab ride to the start. That was rather a decadent way to start the day. We got to the park and did a 1.7 mile warm-up

While being rounded up in the corrals I saw Julie, Races like a Girl, Threlkeld. She was only two people in front of me, but I knew once we got out of the corral I would never see her again.  I had to  harass her over our latest FB antics while I had the chance. She ran super awesome today, coming in 5th with a PR, out of 186. I on the other hand got kicked down to 19th! Well at least I didn’t totally fall apart and puke all over like the guy next to me. He puked 3x at the finish.

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect. I eroded my aerobic system with way too much anaerobic work and just too much running from June-October.  Since Nov 1  I have done minimal running.  Then two days ago I joined Five Points Academy. It is a Muay Thai fight gym with awesome strength and conditioning classes every hour. Being the high achiever low thinker that I am, I took 2 kettlebell classes in two days just prior to the race and a core/abs conditioning class on top of that. I started the race with an ass of steel, or maybe it was  an ass of cement. I felt like I was trying to move solid stumps. Ah, so I got kicked out of the top 10. Just wait, after 10-12 weeks of aerobic work coupled with kettlebell class, if I can’t kick some ass I am throwing in the towel or finding a coach that will keep me in line, fit but not over trained. I am so sad that Coach Roy Benson retired.

David and I cooled down with a 4 + mile run back to the East Village where we went to our respective homes and made hot chocolate. yummmmmm.

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