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Hilary working on a drawing of Mt. Ida

Oh I am excited. I was beginning to have a bit of a melt down here on the lake I was beginning to get a bit cranky.  I was torturing myself as to whether I should go to Hobart to get away for a few days or stay here as planned. The reason it is such a big decision is that even though Hobart is only 2 hours away, the bus is expensive $100 and it requires a 1-2 night hotel stay because the bus runs so infrequent. So just to go grocery shopping it could mean a $300 wasted expense of hotels and buses. But I am going a bit crazy in the silence, I miss not having a radio to listen to and I have nothing to read which is driving me crazy. Today just to hear voices I was playing yoga pod casts while I painted – I really need to get away. I need distractions. I run every day, and by the way my running is getting better and better, by the time I get home I should be back in racing shape. I decided today it is worth it to pay $300 just so I could go buy a few books and lots of kale. I love kale and I have no vegetables, and as you may have read in earlier posts there are no stores up here. I started having fantasies about writing a cookbook on how to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert lentils. “don’t be afraid to add ground white pepper and curry paste to your breakfast lentils especially on cold mornings” I don’t think it will go over. But on this 22ºF morning those curry lentils did keep me warm!

I am very excited that I made the decision and something wonderful happened.  One of my favorite rangers is going to Hobart on Friday and returning Monday and offered me a ride, so I do not have to deal with the bus. I can’t wait to sleep in a nice warm bed at a hotel and take a bath in a nice hot tub. I am not staying at the hostel I stayed at when I arrive I will stay at a regular hotel, it is worth it to spend the extra money. I was trying to save money and the cheapest thing I could find was the hostel for $60 , but check out my room;

Hobart hostel room

not a pretty site, for a bit more I am sure I can get a proper room with a bathroom. Oh I feel like dancing now that I am going to get away for a few days. I made a list of what I am going to buy: kale, apples, a big bath towel, wool slippers, a big coffee mug, and books. It is funny what becomes really important to gain a sense of comfort. I am so happy that I am going into the city that I spent the last 10 hours on my drawing hoping to finish it before I leave on Friday.

I wanted to add I just woke up after writing this and it has gone from 25º F to 40º F, it seems like summer!

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The Pickled Frog at nightThe first night

Hobart as far as I can tell is absolutely charming. I arrived Sunday June 1 at 3:00pm and David from Arts Tasmania met me at the airport. It was great to meet him after all this time of emailing and planning the trip. He was a fantastic host giving me a tour of Hobart and showing me the most amazing views of the harbor. Hobart is a harbor city building around the water and up Mt. Wellington, and the hills that surround the area; it is a perfect combination of mountains and water.

I checked in the Pickled Frog, a hostel and backpackers hotel. In an effort to save money I chose to stay here for the first night on the recommendation of one of the former artists, Iris Zogel of Germany. The reception is very welcoming, the price for a single room is $60 which I think is pricey but the cheapest in Hobart.  The room is clean and basic though it may have seen better days.  The whole floor shares one bathroom for each gender. After getting settled I walked to North Hobart where all the best restaurants and bars are. Being Sunday night most places were closed. I decided to eat a Noodle Shoppe on Elizabeth Street that was very good. It was definitely not your typical Chinese restaurant, simple in design the food was very fresh, when you order you can see them choose all the ingredients for your dish and the presentation on giant gleaming white plates was very nice. After walking back to the Frog and turning down the invitation for drinking with two boys who are also staying here, it is a good thing too this morning I saw an empty fifth of Jack Daniels in the lounge most likely theirs, I was ready to go to sleep at the late hour of 7pm.

I woke up at 12:30am ready to get up. The lights stay on 24 hours in the hallways and I have a big glass window in my door, from the street I hear the walk signal clicking away, they run 24/7. I could tell if it said “walk” or “don’t walk” all through the night. Maybe next time I will spring for a regular hotel. I managed to stay in bed until 5:30, took a shower and went to find breakfast. It was still very dark; the sun did not come up until 7:35. The coffee shop, Hudson Coffee opens at 6:30. I had a very delicious bagel, very different from American bagels, more like a thick crumpet. The coffee is also different, there is no such thing as what we drink as American coffee, (update since writing this post – it is called long black which I did not know) and if you order coffee with milk you will get a latte, unless you specify a cappuccino. The coffee is delicious. At Hudson Coffee you order what kind of coffee you want then what type of milk; whole, low-fat, non-fat, or soy. I got a large black coffee and bagel for $7.24. Yes it is expensive here. But I have never been on a trip where food is as cheap as in NYC. People complain all the time about prices in NYC, yes housing is high but because of competition you can get a bagel and coffee for $1 on the street. And even with US gas at $4 a gallon, it is a steal compared Tasmania’s $1.88 a liter.

I am meeting David at 9 to go to the art store and grocery store. Then we will go to Lake St. Clair. I am excited to get into the wilderness, it will be cold. I am cold now and it is a beautiful sunny day; the beginning of winter.

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