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My hike for this week was in Taos. I met my ABQ friend Tom in Espanola at 7:00am for the drive up to the Ski Basin. We began at the Gavilan trail #60, it is about 1.5 miles before the ski basin, it is short, only 2.43 miles, but you gain 2,000 ft in those 2 miles from 8,881 feet of elevation to 11,205 feet of elevation. From there we went to Columbine Trail over to Gold Hill, wandered around on top the mountains before coming back down over the Long Trail. My last hike with Tom was a fast 20 milers, this one I am not sure how long it was, but we walked for 8 solid hours which equals about 16 to 17 miles.

After coming back to Abiquiu we ate at the famous El Farolitos in El Rito. I ran into four other friends  and we decided to take a night hike in Plaza Blanca, the Badlands of New Mexico. Walking around Plaza Blanca with only the moonlight was really cool. We took no lights  and wandered around  until about 11:00pm.

The next day I went to Santa Fe to meet up with the running group. I ran on my own Saturday morning extra early because I was helping time a race in town. It was pretty awesome, 217 people showed up, it was free with lots of great prizes. It made me want to race. I met my friend Joan who is in from NYC and we spend the days at galleries.

This morning the gang was running up Santa Fe Baldy, (12,622 ft) a 14 mile out and back run beginning at the Ski Basin. I hiked this last weekend. When I woke up Sunday morning, I felt kind of sad for no particular reason. But perhaps because I only have 26 days left, or because I hardly saw my dogs yesterday or maybe because I really just wanted to do laundry, I did not go. I took the dogs to the park at 6am until 7:30 met a really nice woman there and made a plans for her to bring her dog up to Abiquiu Lake, so it was a nice morning.

Now I feel sad that I missed the run, I just want to do everything. I love being outside and while I miss NYC, I will miss the mountains even more.

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Tasmanian Devil

You may notice that my tag line, “Art, Athletics, and Life from a winter C-scape Beach Shack” has changed to “Art, Athletics, and Life from a winter Tasmanian Rangers Hut.” That’s right, I am thrilled to say I have been selected for one of two 2008 International Natural and Cultural Residencies from Arts Tasmania. I leave the end of May for my 30 + hour flight to Melbourne then Hobart where I will take a bus to Lake St. Clair,  and spend 6 weeks living alone and working from nature. I have a great number of plans including hiking the 6 day Overland Track,  that I will share with you later. I will spend an additional 3-4 weeks exploring the island.

In the meantime, it is April 1 and all my attention is on the Boston Marathon in 20 days. I feel like all I have been doing is running and thinking about running. After my last long run, 23 miles, on Saturday, I am now in my official taper mode. After that I can bring my attention back to my exhibition still going on at Pfizer and working on a new edition of prints in my studio.

I decided to keep updating my blog in preparation for my trip, so you will be hearing from me on a regular basis now. I will keep you updated on running, new artworks, trip preparations, and daily happenings in NYC. Once I get to Australia, one of my sponsors Galaxy 1 will keep me in communication with the loan of a satellite terminal. the big difference on this trip vs. the 6 winter weeks on Cape Cod is I will have electricity. So no more dead batteries!

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