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The wireless is down in the cafe so all the carefully thought out posts that I wrote lay dormant on my computer as do the photos of the snow, new drawings, and more animals.

We got a great snow storm two nights ago but since then it has been raining non-stop. I did my runs anyway, it has been a long time since I ran in a blizzard, it was quite fun. I checked my calendar today and it turns out I was only off from running 5 weeks but it sure makes a difference. Finally I am up to 30 miles a week with one day of quality training, plus 5 of strength training. But every time I run I wish it was summer.

Last night I went to Maren and Barry’s house. They have a very cool very big house and greeting me at the door was Brucey the bushy-tailed possum and when I got in the living room sprawled out in front of the fireplace was Harry the wallaby. Oh I like Harry, I pet him most of the night, at least when Brucey was not trying to take a bit out of my toes, he liked my Injinji toe socks.

Tonight Bech is having a dinner party. It am very happy to go to social events, plus it prompts me to take showers. Oh, I am taking showers, especially after I run, I am not too nasty out here, just a bit of mud as it is really muddy. And do you know what that means? Not just mud but there are land leeches.  Fortunately I have not gotten any but they live in the mud and fall out of the trees and suck on to you Рyuck! I forgot to buy salt last weekend, that is what you put on them to get them off.

Hopefully I will be able to post some more photos tomorrow, but also make sure and check the flicker link as I have posted over 200 now.

Lastly I am very sad to miss the Pride Race this weekend in NYC. A very specail shout-out to all my Front Runner teammates, have a great race and Happy Pride!



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