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I have this compulsion to study everything I am interested in, not just read books about  subjects like running and nutrition, but get degrees in the subjects. (as a professor at the university I get to take classes for free)  Today I am studying for my final in nutrition, one more class toward my M.S. in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Sports Nutrition. I know just enough about gluconeogenesis, glycolysis, glycogenolysis, beta-oxidation,  carboxylic acid groups and amine groups  to make me dangerous.  I need a little break.

On Sunday at the NYRR Pete McArdle Cross Country Classic a funny thing happened. When I crossed the finish line the marshal told me to go to the women’s award table where I was handed a 3rd place metal. I felt a bit disappointed but more curious as to who the other women were since I did not see the main person who usually beats me. After I walked away a marshal came running up to ask me my age and when I told him he said, “you were first” handed me a new metal and  my photo was immediately taken, you can see my exuberance here. The next day I checked the results and saw I  got 2nd place but this first place Rosa Victor was very suspicious. A 49 year old female ran a 1:06 and has  never run a NYRR race before.  Rosa ran a 7:12 pace which super good for 15k XC. The time was so inconsistent with the other female runners that I thought I should reverse the name and look up Victor Rosa. Sure enough Victor has run 13 NYRR races, all cross country and all between a 6:30 and 7:30 pace. So dear NYRR you need to move Rosa Victor, female to Victor Rosa, male. He will unfortunately go down to 7th place, but I get to be the official first place winner in my AG. I have claim it when I get it.

Back to memorizing  while my rested body goes into beta oxidation and converts  my free fatty acids to multiple acetyl-C0A-molecules though I would much rather be in glycolysis, way more fun.

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