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Hilary Lorenz at Wave Hill, NY

Hilary Lorenz at Wave Hill, NY

I was reminded today how little I  update my blog. This is true, but while I have not been updating this one, I have been updating my new art website blog at hilarylorenz.wordpress.

Mostly my excuse is that I have not been running, but rather making art, a lot of art, over 4,000 prints in the last few months to be exact. But now all my shows are up and I am hanging around NYC promoting them and running. Yes, I got back to running again. It is crazy how fast I can get of shape and quite frankly it is a lot more fun to run an 8:00 pace with a 150HR than a 9:30 pace with a 150HR. But that is my reality right now.

Last night I took my dog Homer and jogged 6 miles through the Bronx Streets and  into Van Cortlandt Park. It was completely dark, no street lights, warm but with a very cool fog lifting off the fields. I really needed a headlight as I could not see four feet in front of me, but oh I really loved it and I think Homer did too.

Plans for the next couple of months include, selling my NYC apartment, going to Northern Ontario for an art’s residency, closing my exhibitions at Wave Hill, NY and the Printmaking Center of NJ on December 7, closing my show at the Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs after a reception on December 12, then hunkering down in Abiquiu, NM until next August. And who knows if the stars align I might just stay out there in the high desert. Oh and I am in two holiday sales, where I will have a boat load of hand printed journals, one in Brooklyn and one in Los Alamos, NM. I will also post some here.

Happy Fall.

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I have had a lot of people ask me if I am sad when I sell a drawing. I always find this a ridiculous question and want to ask them if they ever tell their boss not to pay them because they enjoy their job. Fortunately I love my job and I get paid for it. If I never sold work  I could never pay the rent on the studio or buy supplies. Plus I would end up like the Collyer Brothers with thousands of papers stacked floor to ceiling. I want my work out in the world, in homes, in museums, etc.

I have to admit though I will miss this drawing a bit. I sold it last night to my teammate and friend Blossom, hence the title, “Boston for Blossom.”

I gave you previews of this drawing some months back. “Boston for Blossom”  traces, literally, my rehab runs after breaking my foot in 2009, (my first major running injury) up to the 2010 Boston Marathon. It is a 7 month journey beginning with  alternating 400 meters walk/ run on a soccer field, to 22 mile runs along Manhattan’s west side many months later.

The process is very simple, but  time consuming. After my run, which I wear my garmin 305. I download my data to my Gramin Training Center, from there I upload the data to garmin connect. I output the mileage from garmin connect to google earth. I hook my computer up to a video projector and project the maps onto the large 60″ x 44″ paper on my wall, 10 feet away. I  draw over the map lines with either black, red, pink watercolor or pencil. Track work is almost always red, tempo runs usually pink and long runs black. Pencil, put in there for extra texture are recovery runs. Yes there are a couple of black loops on the track and this does not include every mile I ran for those seven months. But it does include the most important ones.

Blossom came and got the drawing last night and it is on it ways to Dot at Rabbet Framing in NJ. They are my favorite framer in the metropolitan area having framed over 30 pieces for me in the last couple of years, including one over 120″ long.

I now have room on my big wall to start a new long-term drawing. This one will be methodically color coded and include ever single mile I run from October 1 on. I am not sure of the end date but I have an exhibition in March that it could show up in.  I will also do a few “one-off’s” that is drawing that are of a single time run or race.

When you get sick of those terrible Brightroom photos and want to commemorate your race or your training in a high art kind of way, impress your friends with your athleticism and culture, call me, perhaps we can make a deal and you can have your very own GPS drawing.

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Hilary working on a drawing of Mt. Ida

Oh I am excited. I was beginning to have a bit of a melt down here on the lake I was beginning to get a bit cranky.  I was torturing myself as to whether I should go to Hobart to get away for a few days or stay here as planned. The reason it is such a big decision is that even though Hobart is only 2 hours away, the bus is expensive $100 and it requires a 1-2 night hotel stay because the bus runs so infrequent. So just to go grocery shopping it could mean a $300 wasted expense of hotels and buses. But I am going a bit crazy in the silence, I miss not having a radio to listen to and I have nothing to read which is driving me crazy. Today just to hear voices I was playing yoga pod casts while I painted – I really need to get away. I need distractions. I run every day, and by the way my running is getting better and better, by the time I get home I should be back in racing shape. I decided today it is worth it to pay $300 just so I could go buy a few books and lots of kale. I love kale and I have no vegetables, and as you may have read in earlier posts there are no stores up here. I started having fantasies about writing a cookbook on how to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert lentils. “don’t be afraid to add ground white pepper and curry paste to your breakfast lentils especially on cold mornings” I don’t think it will go over. But on this 22ºF morning those curry lentils did keep me warm!

I am very excited that I made the decision and something wonderful happened.  One of my favorite rangers is going to Hobart on Friday and returning Monday and offered me a ride, so I do not have to deal with the bus. I can’t wait to sleep in a nice warm bed at a hotel and take a bath in a nice hot tub. I am not staying at the hostel I stayed at when I arrive I will stay at a regular hotel, it is worth it to spend the extra money. I was trying to save money and the cheapest thing I could find was the hostel for $60 , but check out my room;

Hobart hostel room

not a pretty site, for a bit more I am sure I can get a proper room with a bathroom. Oh I feel like dancing now that I am going to get away for a few days. I made a list of what I am going to buy: kale, apples, a big bath towel, wool slippers, a big coffee mug, and books. It is funny what becomes really important to gain a sense of comfort. I am so happy that I am going into the city that I spent the last 10 hours on my drawing hoping to finish it before I leave on Friday.

I wanted to add I just woke up after writing this and it has gone from 25º F to 40º F, it seems like summer!

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Self Portrait in Pink

Today is a big day. New Year’s Eve and I have chosen a very special outfit to wear at the shack. Nowhere else can such a glamorously hot pink number be found. You can witness the whole wood gathering pink robe performance on my flicker link to the right. With that said, I now need to address drawing for a change.

I have been working on a variety of sketches and trying to figure out what I am doing. This is typical at a residency; I am away from my studio working in less than ideal conditions, in a completely different landscape. This is the precise reason that I do them, to get a new prospective on my work and kind of force my drawing to evolve into a different form. And that is exactly what is happening. Normally I would never show “clunkers” or work that is so different from sketch to sketch, but for this post it illuminates just what happens in my process of working away from home. As I am drawing I can’t help but to think about a quote I heard on the radio when I first got here, ‘habit is a great deadener’ from Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot” It is easy for me to keep making the same kinds of marks, just switching the palette, scale, and thoughts about what I am making. But going to a residency is my way of throwing out all the habits and letting my surroundings inform my work, no matter how arduous that can be in the beginning. Certainly a change of routine helps. If I had been home, I would stop by the deli for a bagel and coffee and take the subway to the studio. Today, I made a fire, carried in wood, made coffee, and then repaired one of the steps with wood I found under the shack, before I started drawing. These kinds of chores I really enjoy and they get me thinking. For now I am putting away all my watercolor and stripping it down to pencil and paper for a while. I have four more weeks to work out my ideas before going home. Once I am at home in my studio I can retain this experience for the whole year, and freshen my objectives by reading my journals and referencing my photographs.

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Friday, Dec 21, Seals

Gathering woodThis morning I went out to see the high tide at 8:18am. My usual morning is spent getting the fire going and making coffee, but my room was a comfortable 40 degrees when I got up, so the fire could wait. I finally saw my first seal. At first I thought it was a sea bird as the shore is covered with them, but after watching for a few minutes I could see his whole body as he dove into the waves. It was great to be outside so early, the sun barely up and the dark blue of night still hanging on.

Yesterday I was indoors the whole day. I did not go running because it was raining and dark. Normally I would go running in the rain, but on the beach in the soft sand, it would take me way too long to even go a mile. What was especially good about the rain was that I drew all day, for 8am to 4pm. Then I read until 10pm. What a marvelous way to spend the days, drawing and reading. I feel so lucky to be here listening to the waves, the rain hitting the roof, the wind rushing through the cracks in the windows and just me all alone in the vast sandy beach. I have made three drawings, and of course the obligitory ugly landscape, but hey, how can one not make a landscape drawing when living out here.

I still do not have my satellite up, but hopefully by the end of the day I will.

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My morning coffeeBeginning December 16, 1007 I will be living in an isolated beach shack on Cape Cod’s National Seashore at the Atlantic Ocean in a primitive shack without electricity, running water, cellular or wireless service for a six week winter artist residency. The project I will work on titled, “Tracing Nature” is a series of drawings and prints that will visually translates the physical and visceral experience of living in remote landscapes. Thanks to the corporate support of Martijn Blok at Galaxy 1 Communications in the Netherlands I have a satellite terminal which allows me to share my daily adventures of making art, foraging for wood, and fetching water, all the while training for the Boston marathon on the frozen coast Cape of Massachusetts.

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