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I put off updating my blog because I did not want to admit that I ran myself into the ground and have been given a forced leave of absence. One thing I have never really worried about is stress fractures. I am not sure why I did not worry, a huge number of my team mates have or have had them and now it is my turn. After a robust spring of setting new PR’s in the 10K, 45:51, the 4 mile, 28:27 and Cross Country 23:03 I got sidelined on Memorial Day. And I had such an awesome X-C race on May 18th. With over 100 runners, two college teams and one high school team I came in 5th female overall and first in the 40-49 AG. I won a carrot muffin! That was the best race prize ever – well not really I do like winning the money.

My week went like this. Thursday  I raced X-C, Friday I ran 8 miles easy, Saturday I ran 10 hard, Sunday 8 easy  and Monday I was out for a 15. At mile 3 the ball of my left foot hurt so I stopped, took off my shoe and loosened it up. But instead of feeling better it  hurt, so I put my shoe back on and walked home. During the walk I knew I broke it. The whole way back I was planning which doctor I would call, what PT’s I would schedule and what my workouts would look like.

At 8:30 Tuesday morning I called Dr. Greg Rock who was recommended by Coach Kelsey. I saw him at 11:00 and he was far more interested in  doing bunion surgery  than any boring old fracture. He finally let it go when I said, “I have the NYC marathon in November, Boston in April, and Trans Rockies in August, when do you suppose you would remove the bunions which cause me no pain what so ever.”  He x-rayed my foot  but nothing showed up as predicted. He will x-ray again on June 9th. But he said, “I know right where it is, HERE,” and pinched my third metatarsal. Gee, I hope seeing me almost hit the ceiling confirmed that.  I did not push for an MRI,  I could not walk so it really did not matter. If the next  x-ray does not show the callusing on the bone I will get an MRI. I saw Rock all of 4 minutes and walked out with my tail between my legs and a boot on my foot.

After hanging out at home with the dogs on Wednesday I put everyting into order. Dogs had to get boarded in upstate NY since I cannot walk them. PT evaluation set for thursday with rehab on Friday. Book pool rehab with second PT the following Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And swimming every day. I love my health care professionals! I love NYC with all it’s amenitites!

When I got up Thursday, I made a  feeble attempt to walk the dogs. I only took them to the corner and back upstairs. The PT I saw is at Long Island University where I teach. I went there because I wanted to use the super cool therapy pool. An endless pool with a elevating floor, video camera, an underwater treadmill to 8.5 mpr, 7:04 pace, and it is 94 degrees. I am really looking forward to running 7:00 pace at 94 degrees with water resistance! And since we have a great fitness center  I went early and worked out in the gym and swam for an hour.

Rain Soaked FinishMy main concern is not losing fitness so I have put together a regiment of deep water running on the Pfitzinger schedule. I am also doing PT 3-4 times a week, strength training to varying levels 5 days a week and swimming at least 3 days a week.  I will take advance of this time to become a better swimmer. Other things that I have managed to accompish in my “down time” is get a hair cut,  get new glasses, clean my apartment and grocery shop, you know (or maybe you don’t) those things “normal” people do. If you asked me why I think I got a stress fracture I would say, I have been eating  poorly meaning; very little, not taking my supplements, not getting enough sleep, and basically not taking care of myself. I had a bad cold  for a week which kept me out of work and in bed, except for when I woke up and ran.    So did it just happen out of bad luck,maybe maybe not.  I neglected my self care, I knew it and others saw it and had commended, my boss in particular.  So now I have lots of self care time.

A final note. The two photos on this page are from two different 10k races a couple of weeks apart.  It rained like crazy during both races and  we got soaked, all 7,000 – 8,000 runners yes that is 8,000 per race!

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