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Booked flight to New Mexico.
Booked boarding with my favorite dog wrangler and trainer Kat Berger.
Booked my labral tear repair surgery

Today I saw my orthopedist, Dr. Donald Rose. I knew already what was coming. I had my followup MRI done last week on my left hip which has a stress-reaction injury on my femur. My first MRI was in May and  I am surprised that I was not 100% by now. I have run a little bit, starting with 100 meter jogs and spending 5 weeks to build up to a mile. Talk about a slow build-up. But I was bugged by a nagging ache along the inside of my hip-bone that intensified whenever I squatted down.  I kept digging at it thinking it was my psoas but it never changes.

On August 27th I went for my follow-up MRI. When I got the report  I went into a rage and depression. The second report included “unchanged ganglion cyst and  tear at the base of the anterior labrum.” What do you mean “unchanged” there was never a cyst nor a tear reported! Dr. Farzam Kashanian at Lenox Hill Radiology read my May MRI.  He wrote about three vague sentences and my injury did not sound too bad. But when my doc looked over those films he said it was much more severe than Kashanian stated. The report was less than 2/3’s of a page. My second MRI read by another doc in the practice (I have look  his name up Greogry ??)  is two pages long and not only details the tear, he specifies which film sequence it is in. He compared the two films stated what is unchanged or changed. Oh man I am pissed. I would have had this taken care of back in May. But rather I sat here all summer healing my bones while the tear is what is holding me up. So now I am going to NYC Hospital for Joint Disease Sept 14th to have that fixed and then going back to the 100 meter build up.

Hopefully it will be better than that. I had a friend get both hips done. The first one she was on crutches one week, the second one she walked home with a cane and was off it the second day. The good thing is you have to work the leg immediately, no sitting around. I asked if I should board my wild dogs and  the doc said, “no, it will be good for you to hobble around with them and if they are too strong, get a friend to walk them and you hobble along side.” In other words I hear 30 minute surgery, go home, sleep an hour, get up and get the leg moving.

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I have not run in 26 days. When I write that it seems  inconsequential but it feels like years instead of days. Since breaking my foot I have either swam, deep water ran, rowed or biked every day, often a combination of 2 or 3 activities because I cannot get the intensity of running.

I have been a bit depressed because everyone I spoke to that had food fractures told me it hurt for a few days and that was it. Mine hurts 24/7. My third metatarsal broke clear though. It swells up my foot and I have a big red bump on top.  I feel like I am constantly being stung by a bee. My x-ray at day 1 and 14  showed no healing but today I went to a new doc. Dr. Donald Rose, orthopedist to the stars of dance, most notably Alvin Ailey. One of my colleagues was a prima for Ailey and knows all the best doctors. It turns out that Rose was also PhD.D dissertation adviser for another one of my colleagues.  I knew I would be well taken care of. He was excellent. He thoroughly checked out my foot, took three x-rays, showed me everything, went over it and made some changes in my orthopedic boot. Man, I hate this boot. I clearly saw the break and the healing, even a novice could pick it out the x-ray was so clear. So I feel much better seeing that my bone is healing.

In the meantime I am desprete to keep my  fitness. I am on the 9 week Pfitzinger deep water running plan. I am swimming and begin a master swim stroke clinic on July 2. It meets 3x a week all the way through August at the 14th street Y in Manhattan. After 25 coached swims I will have to be a more fit and a stronger swimmer. I am not a good swimmer. I never had lessons and taught myself by doing it and having friends give me pointers. I also discovered Concept 2 rowing. Wow I love rowing. This is almost as good as running. I was rowing like mad every day and met with a coach. But I was also really torquing my feet so I have to lay off it for a bit. In it’s place I am using a hand-cycle and that is really fun too. I think most people feel hand-cycling is only for rehab,  but this thing is awesome. Again one of my colleague’s from the PT division told me to try it for cardio and it’s great. And technically I am in rehab, working out the rest of my body while by bone heals.

This weekend is Pride. I get to watch my Front Runner teammates run the Gay Pride Race. I hate standing on the sidelines. I planned on winning our teams master division this year. I guess it is not a good idea to plan on winning, one never knows what may happen.

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