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Almost Cougar Time

Run the Caldera

It is almost Cougar Time, I mean Run the Caldera, time. I picked up my gear on Wednesday from the SF REI. I also did a bit of shopping, a few pairs of socks, a new bike pump, some honey stingers.

They gave us cool shirts and  carabiners with cougar safety information. I now know not to run if being chases by a cougar and that if it attacks me I should fight hard with sticks, stones, and a backpack. Just don’t play dead. What animal is it that you play dead with, a bear? Geeze I hope I don’t get my behaviors mixed up.

Tomorrow I am doing to do a trial drive to the race start. It is about 1:45 away but I do not want to get lost Sunday. More driving but a greater peace of mind at 5:00am Sunday.

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