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Walking the Lake



This is a collage drawing that I finished yesterday. It is 12″ x 16″ and made up of watercolor, lino print and antique Italian printed papers.

TodayI left Outpost Studios for a little drive to Chase County Fishing Lake. It is about 15 miles from the studio and 1.5 north of Cottonwood Falls. It is hot, 91 degrees and I knew a good walk was in order for me and a swim for the dogs. The Chase State Lake is 109 acres with a limestone shore and surrounded by lush green hills and prairies.  My phone was dead so I could not get any photos, and unfortunately my camera does not work. Here is a shot I got on-line from an aerial view. 
Conrad and Homer were very happy. I mapped the perimeter of the lake at 3.15 miles around, they swam pretty much the whole thing. Two fisherman were on the opposite bank as us and we chatted for a bit when I made it back around. The lake is beautiful and I really needed some walking time.  I am only here one week and I want to make art but really I need to walk and be in the landscape in order to do that. So my plan now is to spend 4-5 hours in the morning out running or walking, then do some work in the afternoon and see how that goes. I think this must be the greenest place in the country.

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