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This past weekend I had the great pleasure of having Lisa B. a friend and hiking buddy from Santa Fe, NM come visiting. She had been volunteering at a kids camp on the Cape and stayed with me for two nights at C-Scape.

On her second day we walked from the shack to the visitors center, down the bike trail past Race Beach, past Herring Cover to the jetty at Pilgrim’s First Landing Park . It is just over 5 miles from the beach shack, not terribly far, but the heat index was 101 and two of those miles are in soft sand.  The sand was blazing hot and we were pretty cranky by the time we got to the jetty, but as planned we got there at low tide. After walking out the jetty, we climbed down the rocks and looked for critters, specifically starfish.
Hilary_lorenz_Cscape_dune_shack_Ptown_StarfishThere were loads of starfish almost immediately. I was really happy. At first I thought our trip was a bust and hated the idea of walking the 5 miles back in that terrible heat. We found starfish, crabs, loads of neat stuff I really did not know what it was. Wading through the low tidal pools, while very stinky was a nice feeling on my beaten up feet.
We walked back via Commercial Street and stopped to get iced lattes. That was a nice invigorator for the walk back. By the time we got home, we were only gone 5 hours, but walked almost 12 miles and we were hot, sunburn, blistered and exhausted. I barely remember going to bed.
I finished eight drawings. I made two drawings of this seaweed. I forgot the name of it and could not find it on-line so if you know it, please post it in the comments. Otherwise I will find out the name the next time I meet up with the ranger.  I could draw this stuff all day as it is really interesting and fun to do.

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sea_pods_ptownI am laying in bed, two dogs stretched out around me and I am coughing like crazy. My brain is in overdrive with teaching too many classes, taking too many classes, my exhibition opening and obsessing about running. So one at a time.

Exhibition. On Saturday I am showing at a new gallery in Brooklyn New York, Shop Art Gallery. It is very exciting, the gallery just opening in December. I delivered the show today, brand new 2009 etchings some combined with digital photographs plus watercolor drawings.Shadow Bird 2 Delivering the exhibition is a huge relief as I have been printing and cutting and framing like crazy, sleeping less than 5 hours a night. The opening reception is Saturday February 7, 2009 from 4-7pm. Come on by.

I was fighting a cold but I lost. I began getting sick on Friday and thought I would be fine to race on Sunday in Central Park the Gridiron Classic 4 miler. Five thousand, two hundred and sixy eight people came out in the nice 30 degree weather. Yes that is 5,268 runners. It was a tough and crowded race, I did not do as well as I wished but I did place 13th in my age group, not bad but I want to be in the single digitsl. I have been working out twice a week with Front Runners. I have not been doing much mileage mostly under 30 per week,  a far cry from the 50-65 I was doing last year at this time. I also hired the expertise of runner and coach Lowell Ladd an NCAA All-American (10,000m), one of the top ten Americans at Boston Marathon twice (2002 & 2003)  runner-up finish at 2005 Steamtown Marathon. and first place in the 36th Annual Harrisburg Marathon, 2009, to help me out with my training. Right now I am trying out a four week plan to get started so that we can see how each other works. My current training was a mix of my most excellent FR coach Kelsey Louie, an amazing  short distance runner,  workouts from  Pfitzinger ‘s marathon schedule and strength training from my favorite PT’s at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy. Pete and John fix me up and help me to work on all my weak points. They are responsible for putting some muscles into my skinny distance runner legs. I am at a point that I need to have someone put everything together, look at what I am doing and validate or rewrite it.  I speak to Lowell once a week on the phone and plan my running, right now the focus is tempo runs.

School. Oh. Yes I am working too much, don’t most people. I will not go into the details but I have way too many independent students who are not  independent. In the classes that I am taking I have an annotated bibliography to write – something we never did in art school and a whole lot of catching up since I missed yesterday and today because I was sick.

So until next time, happy running, go see some art and hire experts to make your life better.

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Self Portrait in Pink

Today is a big day. New Year’s Eve and I have chosen a very special outfit to wear at the shack. Nowhere else can such a glamorously hot pink number be found. You can witness the whole wood gathering pink robe performance on my flicker link to the right. With that said, I now need to address drawing for a change.

I have been working on a variety of sketches and trying to figure out what I am doing. This is typical at a residency; I am away from my studio working in less than ideal conditions, in a completely different landscape. This is the precise reason that I do them, to get a new prospective on my work and kind of force my drawing to evolve into a different form. And that is exactly what is happening. Normally I would never show “clunkers” or work that is so different from sketch to sketch, but for this post it illuminates just what happens in my process of working away from home. As I am drawing I can’t help but to think about a quote I heard on the radio when I first got here, ‘habit is a great deadener’ from Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot” It is easy for me to keep making the same kinds of marks, just switching the palette, scale, and thoughts about what I am making. But going to a residency is my way of throwing out all the habits and letting my surroundings inform my work, no matter how arduous that can be in the beginning. Certainly a change of routine helps. If I had been home, I would stop by the deli for a bagel and coffee and take the subway to the studio. Today, I made a fire, carried in wood, made coffee, and then repaired one of the steps with wood I found under the shack, before I started drawing. These kinds of chores I really enjoy and they get me thinking. For now I am putting away all my watercolor and stripping it down to pencil and paper for a while. I have four more weeks to work out my ideas before going home. Once I am at home in my studio I can retain this experience for the whole year, and freshen my objectives by reading my journals and referencing my photographs.

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Sunset on Life Guard Station

Wednesday, December 26
I love the Provincetown Airport! It has everything you need. Okay this is why. I went to the airport to meet Lisa who was coming in on Monday night. I dragged my laptop and satellite down the sand fire road and arrived about 4:30, which was way too early because her flight did not come in until 6:30. The truth is, I did not want to walk in the dark with all the coyotes to meet her so I left the shack before sunset. When I got to the airport a sign in the door said “back at 5:15.” So I hung around, walked to the ocean and when I came back “Kevin” was unlocking the door. The Ptown airport is very small and only one person was working, Kevin, who had to fuel some of the other planes in between checking people in – though there were no people but me. I started working on my laptop, which has enough battery for about 5 minutes and casually ask if I can plug it in, though in reality every place I go I feel a bit desperate to take some electricity. Well within minutes I had my computer, satellite, and camera all plugged in while eating cookies, chocolates, and drinking coffee. Kevin and I chatting away, I told him that I was living in the shack, but he like many people here have never walked “way out there” to see the shacks. He showed me this awesome giant RV that he and his partner rented for vacation, the thing is bigger than my apartment, 42 feel long. We had a great time, he told me the names of the two other employees and said Lisa and I can come anytime to use the bathrooms, get electricity, use their wireless connection, what ever we wanted. Just before we left he gave Lisa a card for Jody Taxi just in case she changed her mind about the shack. But afterwards we had a moon lit walk through the howling coyote land back to the shack and I knew she was going to like her stay.

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