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In June I will be teaching a short printmaking course on Sundays at Muriel Guepin Gallery in Brooklyn. Why don’t you come for one for all four sessions?

What a relief ! Printmaking Workshop
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM – [Starts 06/06/10]
Class Size Limited to: limited to 10
$110.00 (material included)

4 days – June 6, 13, 20 and 27th 1:30- 4:30 – One session $110 or register for all four for $360 Woodcut and Linocut are two examples of relief printing techniques, and historically were used by the ancient Egyptians for printing on fabric. This class explores those techniques and is for artists who wish to experiment with printing bold, graphic prints. Each week we will explore a new technique starting with transferring an image on the block and proper carving technique. Then we will move into printing single and multiple blocks, registration, paper types, and chine colle. Images up to 12” x 16” can be printed on the Charles Brand press and larger images can be printed by hand. All levels welcome. Ages 16 and over. In July follow up this class with Drop by Printing! A day where you can bring in your blocks, your paper and your problems. Together will will devise solutions to all your printing woes.

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Tonight my friend and teammate Megan came over. She picked up my 3rd place age group trophy and 2nd place woman’s team metal from New York Road Runners. It is always very exciting to get some new hardware, but as I wrote about in an earlier post it was not such a good race so my enthusiasm was a bit damped.

I have just five weeks left for Boston. Running is going well, I feel like I am ready to run it already. I rarely feel like that. I am glad I have 5 weeks one of which includes a 22 miler and one a 20 miler, so I think I am going to have a really good marathon. My room is booked and now I just need to find a dog sitter so that I do not need to drive mine 2.5 hours upstate, which is what I usually do.

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sea_pods_ptownI am laying in bed, two dogs stretched out around me and I am coughing like crazy. My brain is in overdrive with teaching too many classes, taking too many classes, my exhibition opening and obsessing about running. So one at a time.

Exhibition. On Saturday I am showing at a new gallery in Brooklyn New York, Shop Art Gallery. It is very exciting, the gallery just opening in December. I delivered the show today, brand new 2009 etchings some combined with digital photographs plus watercolor drawings.Shadow Bird 2 Delivering the exhibition is a huge relief as I have been printing and cutting and framing like crazy, sleeping less than 5 hours a night. The opening reception is Saturday February 7, 2009 from 4-7pm. Come on by.

I was fighting a cold but I lost. I began getting sick on Friday and thought I would be fine to race on Sunday in Central Park the Gridiron Classic 4 miler. Five thousand, two hundred and sixy eight people came out in the nice 30 degree weather. Yes that is 5,268 runners. It was a tough and crowded race, I did not do as well as I wished but I did place 13th in my age group, not bad but I want to be in the single digitsl. I have been working out twice a week with Front Runners. I have not been doing much mileage mostly under 30 per week,  a far cry from the 50-65 I was doing last year at this time. I also hired the expertise of runner and coach Lowell Ladd an NCAA All-American (10,000m), one of the top ten Americans at Boston Marathon twice (2002 & 2003)  runner-up finish at 2005 Steamtown Marathon. and first place in the 36th Annual Harrisburg Marathon, 2009, to help me out with my training. Right now I am trying out a four week plan to get started so that we can see how each other works. My current training was a mix of my most excellent FR coach Kelsey Louie, an amazing  short distance runner,  workouts from  Pfitzinger ‘s marathon schedule and strength training from my favorite PT’s at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy. Pete and John fix me up and help me to work on all my weak points. They are responsible for putting some muscles into my skinny distance runner legs. I am at a point that I need to have someone put everything together, look at what I am doing and validate or rewrite it.  I speak to Lowell once a week on the phone and plan my running, right now the focus is tempo runs.

School. Oh. Yes I am working too much, don’t most people. I will not go into the details but I have way too many independent students who are not  independent. In the classes that I am taking I have an annotated bibliography to write – something we never did in art school and a whole lot of catching up since I missed yesterday and today because I was sick.

So until next time, happy running, go see some art and hire experts to make your life better.

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lawrence_posterThis is driving me crazy the link for Race to Delivery donations keeps expiring and/or changing. How do they think we are going to gather donations for next week’s race if the link never works. Anyhow I am only $165 short of my goal and I have 6 days to make it. Hopefully, if you find an extra $5 in your pants pocket while doing laundry perhaps you can donate it. It is an excellent benefit group that feeds people with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening disease.
Okay, next; just  when I was about to gathered up a bucket of toilet water to throw out my second floor window on a guy that refused to turn down his car stereo he finally drove away. I was working on a paper that I needed to finished today and the music was driving me mad. Now that he is gone I can get something done. Though it would have been fun to throw toilet water on him!
One week ago today was the NYC mararthon. The first time in my running career I ran two marathons in three weeks. It is not bad. I was not sure what it would feel like to run two so close together especially after Chicago which was so hot and took so much out of me. But when I awoke on Sunday November 2 to a 40 degree day, I knew it would be good. I was hoping for my 3:45, which is what I wanted in Chicago. I was realistic that I may not get it since I had just run my marathon but I was going to give it a shot. I decided to start out with the 3:50 pace group just to keep myself calm and slow in the first few miles. I thought I would stay with them until mile 10 but decided to leave early to pick up the pace. This way I would not have so much time to make up later. It was all going well, and the goal was in sight but then suddenly at mile 18 after the gel stop and the mountain of cups and Gatorade all over the road, I fell. I went flying forward landing on my hands, left shoulder, left knee and curled up into a ball so that I would not get trampled. Someone whisked their hands under me and popped me up. I walked over to the side, blood on my knee, scrapes on my should, Gatorade and sludge all over my side. I checked everything out and felt okay and started again. Less than 10 steps and I fell again, this time on my right side. (I have a bruise on my hip the size of a cantaloupe). A women picked me up, I went back to the siding thinking, “is there something wrong with me – do I have to quite?” I stood there for a full minute or longer contemplating what happened. I felt fine, a bit freaked out about watching all the people go by, but I was not dizzy or in pain. So I started again but a bit slower. I got the 20 mile mark and said 10k to go, and gave it all I had to run a 10k and catch up on time. Well as many people know it is not easy to catch up on time, not impossible, I have run negative splits, but not today. During my fall the 3:50 pacer passed by but I managed to still pull that time out of my body and only a minute slower than last year. I was happy for that, I was proud. For my gender and age group it is a Boston Qualifer and that is a good stamp of approval for me. Am I going to run it – no way. I ran it last year, it is an experience most people should have but I have new goals. After 4 marathons in one year, my first year of marathoning I am spending the next 12 months training to take 10 minutes off my time, then the following year another 10 minutes. Can I do it?  Who knows but I am going to try hard. I know I can run a 3:40, that will not be the real test. In order to do that I need to get serious about my strength training. I have already begun discussions about this with my Physical Therapist, Pete. If anyone can get my body strength trained it is him. And my Coach Kelsey at Front Runners. On November 18 we go indoors for 5 months of 2x a week track speed training at the New Balance Armory.

Friday night I had an exhibition opening at NuturART in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It is an excellent exhibition curated by Denise Wong. The show runs through December 13. Here is Denise’s description of the show:
Present Perfect Continuous presents the work of emerging artists who have migrated to New York City from elsewhere. Using drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage, the artists interweave memories of experiences and past travels with the realities of their urban present to create personal, historical narratives. The works take cues from biological processes, human origins, and visceral experiences to chart a physical and personal process of evolution.
That is about it for today, Sunday. Monday I will wake up to a short 3 miler over the the Williamsburge Bridge and back, then after teaching my computer graphics class I will go for a leisurely swim at the LIU Pool. It is very nice to have a pool and rec. center at work. Then I will begin the process of designing my 12 month plan to a stronger, sleeker, faster me.

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All this running makes me want to get back in the studio to work on some new pieces, but before I do that I need to make room! And just my luck this weekend, October 18th and 19th is the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tours. Over 150 artists in 28 building open their doors to show and sell their work. From 1pm – 6pm or later I will be at my studio, 94 9th Street 4th Floor number 43 just waiting for visitors to come.
I recently got my exhibition back from Pfizer, Inc. 28 framed works that, well, frankly need to find homes so that I have more room to create some new work.
So please come by just to say hello or if you are interested in coming to my studio but can’t do it this weekend, just send me an email and I can schedule you a private visit.

So I have a couple more days to let my legs rest. (Do you really think I am resting that much since the marathon? I swam one day and ran just over 5 easy miles another but I also got a cold so I will take it easy)

Have a great weekend.

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