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Last Fall’s Marathon?!

ImageAs a blogger I am a slacker, so a quick catch up for my Nov 18th post. After the NYC marathon was cancelled I got invited to run the Brooklyn Marathon, a 9 loop course in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY.

I had not idea how it would go. I ran a 10 mile race in this park and it about killed me. There is one long one mile uphill, but of course that leads to a downhill on the other side. Briefly the loop course is my friend. I loved the loop course. I met up with my buddy Amy Copper and we decided to run together. It was a blast. The loops went by in no time and suddenly I was looking at the last six miles when my usual training buddies David and Patrick showed up. I quickly sided up to their fresh legs and focused in to the finish. At one point David asked if I wanted to know how fast I was going, and I simply replied “no” just keep going.

I crossed the line at 3:43. I won my age group  by over 18:00 and came in 27th overall woman out of 175. There were a total of 444 people in the race. I was in the top 25% male and female. I am pretty happy about it. Winter I have taken a break but I am now slowly gearing it back up.


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In 2011 I was schedule to run the NYC Marathon but I burned myself out running in New Mexico. I was new to the altitude and hot sun. I just could not get myself together in time to run in November so I postponed to 2012.  This year 2012 I was on a good track. I ran smartly over the summer in New Mexico, I was ready to finish off the next 10 weeks of training in NYC. Well of course you all know the NYC Marathon was cancelled.

I am avoiding all the political fighting about it but I will say I have very mixed feelings. I hoped it cancelled only for personal reasons. I had been sitting in the dark and cold for a week. I was one of the many of 1,000 of people in SoPo. (South of the power grid in NYC) I was highly stressed and I could not imagine pulling off running a marathon.  On the day it was to take place 1,000’s of runners showed up in Central Park to run 26.2 anyway. I planned on only 20, but quit at 18. My knee which never hurts, hurt. My whole body ached. I woke up the net day feeling like I was hit by a truck. I felt terrible.

The night before that run I got a call from Megan Coryat, President of Front Runners New York. She was calling with great news. The Brooklyn Marathon organizers was offered two competitive slots, one male, one female to NYC teams for the Nov. 18th event and they offered me the female slot. I was thrilled, honored, and suddenly terrified because I felt like I need to produce.The course is brutal. It just might be the hardest thing I ever run. The whole marathon takes place in a 3 mile park with steep 1 mile long hill. It is lap after lap of that mile hill. I know my legs will be screaming. I have run 10 miles in that park and it was hard!

The problem now is I have a terrible cold. I had terrible burning in my lungs last week after a run then as of Sunday I felt pretty bad. I came home from work Monday and took a nap then ran an easy 3.62 miles. The running felt r good, but as soon as I stopped I was coughing up a lung.  If could get this crap out of my lungs I might be okay, but so far nothing is moving. Today I did not run. I got acupuncture, herbs and cold pills. I took a hot bath  to take the chills off, ate hot soup, and I am now drinking hot tea. I have 5 days. But I do  need to run 3-4 miles on each of those days. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I am feeling like I should give up Fall Marathons. Run a spring marathon and focus on short distance in the fall. My last two marathons seasons are really a bust. I am going to hold out all the way until 8am on Sunday and hope that I show up at the start line. I will show up on the start line.

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