C-SCape Shack – here is home

My home

Here is my home.  I covered all the windows with plastic but as you can imagine the wind howls though the walls. I closed off the second floor sleeping area since it is below freezing there. But even in the warmest room as soon as the fire dies during the night, all  my water freezes. But in my down sleeping bag i am as toasty as can be.

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My First Run

This is me before my first run. With only 9 hours of daylight I have to make sure and get up with the sun and get out to the beach. The nights are very long and really the hardest part about being out here.

I managed to run 8 miles, 4.5 in the sand and 3.5 on the road. With lots of hills and lots of sand i may end up like Rocky in Siberia.

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Sponsors and Supporters

Injinji performance toe socks, http://www.injinji.com/

Galaxy 1 Communications and Martijn Blok, in the Netherlands for a satellite terminal. http://www.g1sat.com

David Edgar, Program Officer at Arts Tasmania and Michelle O’ Byrne, Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts.

Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY for my one-year sabbatical.

Loren Mooney and Audra Farrell for the loan of winter expedition gear.

Michele Glick for the awesome hand bound journal.

Lisa Studier for her constant support.

Completed Project

Tom Boland, Project Manager, Provincetown Community Compact, Inc. and The Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts for the C-Scape Dune Shack Residency.

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My morning coffeeBeginning December 16, 1007 I will be living in an isolated beach shack on Cape Cod’s National Seashore at the Atlantic Ocean in a primitive shack without electricity, running water, cellular or wireless service for a six week winter artist residency. The project I will work on titled, “Tracing Nature” is a series of drawings and prints that will visually translates the physical and visceral experience of living in remote landscapes. Thanks to the corporate support of Martijn Blok at Galaxy 1 Communications in the Netherlands I have a satellite terminal which allows me to share my daily adventures of making art, foraging for wood, and fetching water, all the while training for the Boston marathon on the frozen coast Cape of Massachusetts.

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