I am finally here – though no satellite connection

Building my fireDecember 16, 2007

Well I made it to the beach shack. I woke up in Ptown to more snow than I have seen in years, living in NYC. I met Tom who would be taking me out to the shack, way out in the dunes – way out. As luck would have it with all the snow, rain, and sand, we buried the truck. We spent about 2 hours digging it out, but stayed warm. I felt really bad, as he was so kind in taking me out there.

I got to the shack about 4pm and got the fire going. The door had been blown open and the kitchen was filled with snow-it still is this morning. I spent the night arranging my stuff and carrying in wood, which is unfortunately soaked with rain. The winds came up unlike anything I have ever heard. I went to bed on the second floor of the shack and it felt like I was in a hammock. The shack swayed and rolled with the dunes. I went back downstairs to sleep by the woodstove. It was a long night of the screaming wind, which is right now it is 45mph at 9am. I have yet to go see the ocean. I was busy rebuilding the fire, cleaning up and now drinking my coffee.

It is beautiful out here, everywhere I look I see sand dune, I feel like I am the only person on earth. This is truly desolate. The two things I am really grateful for is my radio and the zero degree down sleeping bag. It is cold.

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