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My Newest Crush

I got my August issue of Trial Runner in the mail today and there is an article about Jennifer Pharr Davis. Jennifer is attempting to break the men’s speed record on the Appalachian Trail which is 47 days, 13 hours and 31 minutes set in 2005 by Andrew Thompson. Jennifer is currently on day 16 of the 2175 mile run from Maine to Georgia running between 35 – 48 miles a day. I think I am in love. Okay maybe not but I can stalk her by day on her blog which is updated by her husband ultra runner Drew Davis who was a previous AT record holder. She rekindles my idea to run from NYC to New Mexico when I  decide to give up my NYC residency.

You can follow Jennifer through her website or tumblr.


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I had another awesome run with the Sante Fe Striders. I had no idea how to gauge my tempo since I am clearly not in Central Park and much of it will be run on trails so here goes.

I started off running with a Syracuse University 800 meter track star. While it started out nice with some good chit chat I was relieves when she went to the front of the pack because I would have had a heart attack attempting to keep up, plus I did not want to hold her back.  I ran the first two miles about 60 meter behind them but got lost in a fast turn down a dirt path or was it a driveway? An 18 year old college kid from Kansas started out in the pack and dropped back to me and we were both lost. He had to stop to stretch so I stopped for a second but when he had to stop again I left him to try and catch one of the other groups. Luckily out of the 6 mile tempo I was only lost 1.5 +miles of it which is reflected in my time.

So how does tempo in Santa Fe compare to NYC?

NYC Central Park Elevation48 Road Santa Fe Elevation7226 Trails 80%Road 20%

April 1, 2011

Time HR July 7, 2011 Time HR
mile 1 7:55 171 mile 1 8:13 146
mile 2 7:33 169 mile 2 8:23 167
mile 3 7:56 174 mile 3 9:35 167
mile 4 8:04 172 mile 4 9:32 167
mile 5 8:03 163 mile 5 8:22 164
mile 6 8:25 163

There is certainly a difference but besides an addition 7000 feet the terrain is radically different, it was mostly on dirt but when were hit the road my legs wanted to let loose. That was a good feeling.  There are those two really slow miles, we were lost, stopping and starting and looking down alleys to find the group, so while running we were moving closer to pace, but then we could stop and figure out what way to turn. I felt awesome after and the last two miles were very relaxed and very easy. I can’t wait for next week.

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I stopped procrastinating and making  excuses like, “How can I do a track workout after  doing  manual labor in the hot sun all day?” and got my butt to the Santa Fe Striders track workout. The workout was 400 meter, 3 x 1600 meters, 400 meters. That did not sound too bad.

I had no idea what to expect, who I would be running with and what pace would I run at 7000′ which is another 1000′ over where my house is. Normally I would base these on McMillan and run  7:12 to 7:27.  I had not run in a week due the smoke from the fires nor had I done any fast work since coming here.  I drove the 42 miles to the Santa Fe High School Track.

I was met by Jim Owens, president of the Striders. He is a friendly and welcoming man. He let told me about the club; there can be anywhere from 20-30 runners at the workouts including the Kenyan. Kenyan Caroline Rotich, NKE who won the 2011 NYC 1/2 with a time of  1:08:52 is a regular and in the summer  so is Rae Baymiller who at age 67 and a  CPTC member ran a AG record of  1:34:28 also in the NYC 1/2.

We did a 2000 meter  warm-up, then lined up to run the 400. There were far more women than men and I was 2nd women, trying not to kill myself with 93 seconds,  similar to what I do in NYC. 400 meter recovery, then the 1st 1600. I jumped in behind the same women, Jennifer, but soon became the 3rd which was fine,  I hoped to pace off someone but I was too slow.  The first lap was 1:40 but by the 2.5 laps my mouth was as dry as the desert, my teeth felt like there were curling around my teeth and splitting apart, I felt like I was pulling a giant tractor-trailer filled with anvils, finished, 7:22. I couldn’t help but reminisce that at the end of May  during the Brooklyn 1/2 I was running  7:30 and chit chatting away with my friend Jamie. One done, 400 meter recovery. Second 1600, I went out more cautiously, first lap 1:50 and finished it in 7:40, a big difference from 7:22 but more manageable. I still felt like I was running in a deep pool of thick tar.  400 meter recovery and the last 1600. My goal was to match the 7:40, damn this is hard. I am breathing like I was having a heart attack and I am pretty close to it with a 177HR but I finished 7:40. Can I match the last 400 with the first, yes, that seemed easy in comparison but the last corner I felt the bear on my back and my whole body was rebelling. Am I running backward?

Once I was done I felt like I never ran. The strange thing in the heat and altitude is it feels impossible to propel my body forward, I have to work so hard, but once I stop it is as if I never ran in the first place, I was not even sweaty. Striders do tempo runs on Thursday and I had not planned on driving the 85 mile round trip 2x a week but the group is so nice and I met so many super great people that  I will go back for tempo. I felt awesome to run with a team again.

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My little house is taking shape and it is time for a party. So you New Mexican runners, hikers, cyclists, artists, over-achievers, wierdos, queers, and other fun folks come on over Saturday at 7:00pm. You are welcome to bring friends along with a food item or drink or share.

If you are interested in staying over, camping out so that you can take a big hike or trail run in the morning you are most welcome. I will probably head up to Abiquiu Lake to run a few miles then take a swim Sunday morning. I only know a handful of people in New Mexico and I am looking forward to this being a great meeting opportunity. Email me with questions hilary@hilarylorenz.com

Dog Friendly – Smoking NOT

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New Trail Shoes

Just before the forest fire exploded I got a new running hat, complete with neck shade, and a pair of New Balance Minimus Trail shoes from the  Santa Fe Running Hub.  I went there primarily to get a new hat since I am in such direct exposure to the sun and  to talk  running. I was one of those crazy people that  comes in talk running, I am starved for run talk not having a community here. Anyhow since then I plan to run track workouts with the Santa Fe Striders. It is a 42 mile journey,  one way, but it is quick.  I would love do meet them on Sunday for trail running but they leave a 7:30 am and I am not getting up at 5:30.

I tired my Minimus today. I did  did a few striders and a plyo workout. I am not one to jump on the shoe bandwag0n, my main requirements are light and wide enough for my grandma style bunions, but I love these shoes. I did some short uphill sprints and they have an awesome arch curve and nice ball of foot landing pad that makes uphill running extra fun. The only weigh 5oz but the way they are built they feel very supportive. I can’t wait to take them on a new mountain top run.

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Many of you know that I use GPS data to make drawings and I am a huge fan of Google Earth. Yesterday I found a great set of directions on how to How to use satellite data to track Las Conchas fire.  The directions take you to the Forest Service Active Fire mapping program where you can see where the fires are all over the country, and it overlays it to Google Earth.

I made these two maps of the Los Chonchas Fire, one yesterday and one today, StoneTrigger Press is where I live and the name of my new printmaking studio. The red squares are fires located in the last 0-6 hours, dark orange 6-12 hours, orange 12-24 hours and yellow the last 6 days. It could become obsessive to track the new fires as they happen but fortunately we have some blue sky this morning and I am going to get out and enjoy it until the smoke moves in forcing me back indoors.

This map is from July 1, a different view and now the 103,800 acres, or 162 square miles.The largest on NM history.

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