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My First Run

This is me before my first run. With only 9 hours of daylight I have to make sure and get up with the sun and get out to the beach. The nights are very long and really the hardest part about being out here.

I managed to run 8 miles, 4.5 in the sand and 3.5 on the road. With lots of hills and lots of sand i may end up like Rocky in Siberia.

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Tuesdays first Run

View from my porchTuesday December 18, 2007

The one thing I have learned out here, besides the satellite connection is not working, (or rather i do not know how to use it), and a computer can freeze, is that one must take advantage of the 9 hours or daylight. I worry about getting the fire going, and being home before 4:00 when the sun goes down, but other than that it is pretty easy going. After all what can a person do when their kitchen is full of snow and the sleeping area is 20 degrees?

Finally today I went running. I ran a nice 8 miles, 4.5 in the sand and snow and 3.5 on the road. Clearly I am running for time on my feet rather than speed. A normally 8:30 mile is a tough 10:30 mile against 45 mph winds. That’s right, the wind gets to 45 miles per hour out here and when it is 5 degrees, well lets just say I am thankful for down.

After my run i changed to my going into town clothes and trudged the miles back across the dunes to my car. I just may end up light Rocky when he trained in Siberia.

Let’s see if i can get some photos for you.

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I am finally here – though no satellite connection

Building my fireDecember 16, 2007

Well I made it to the beach shack. I woke up in Ptown to more snow than I have seen in years, living in NYC. I met Tom who would be taking me out to the shack, way out in the dunes – way out. As luck would have it with all the snow, rain, and sand, we buried the truck. We spent about 2 hours digging it out, but stayed warm. I felt really bad, as he was so kind in taking me out there.

I got to the shack about 4pm and got the fire going. The door had been blown open and the kitchen was filled with snow-it still is this morning. I spent the night arranging my stuff and carrying in wood, which is unfortunately soaked with rain. The winds came up unlike anything I have ever heard. I went to bed on the second floor of the shack and it felt like I was in a hammock. The shack swayed and rolled with the dunes. I went back downstairs to sleep by the woodstove. It was a long night of the screaming wind, which is right now it is 45mph at 9am. I have yet to go see the ocean. I was busy rebuilding the fire, cleaning up and now drinking my coffee.

It is beautiful out here, everywhere I look I see sand dune, I feel like I am the only person on earth. This is truly desolate. The two things I am really grateful for is my radio and the zero degree down sleeping bag. It is cold.

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My morning coffeeBeginning December 16, 1007 I will be living in an isolated beach shack on Cape Cod’s National Seashore at the Atlantic Ocean in a primitive shack without electricity, running water, cellular or wireless service for a six week winter artist residency. The project I will work on titled, “Tracing Nature” is a series of drawings and prints that will visually translates the physical and visceral experience of living in remote landscapes. Thanks to the corporate support of Martijn Blok at Galaxy 1 Communications in the Netherlands I have a satellite terminal which allows me to share my daily adventures of making art, foraging for wood, and fetching water, all the while training for the Boston marathon on the frozen coast Cape of Massachusetts.

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